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PETA against 4-H

No description

Jessi Brewer

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of PETA against 4-H

PETA people say that livestock showing is cruel to humans and to animals. They believe this because of the fact that animals that have no further use to the farmer or shower might get killed. My position on the matter is that 4-H teaches great responsibility, being a 4-H kid I know this first hand. It teaches you life lessons such as, stewardship, and respect for yourself and others. It also teaches you how to work hard to achieve something greater.
What the Idiots say..
PETA thinks that killing steers, wethers, and anything else that can not reproduce or make the shower money is wrong. They state that to break bonds is ruthless and cruel.
Eatocracy.cnn.com states that "to some people 4-H is a calculated system for turning the youth of America into cold, unfeeling animal killers.
ksgraingirl.blogspot.com has a picture of PETA mocking the 4-H pledge. They believe that livestock showers take care of some animals and not others.
The Public thinks...
The public thinks that show animals are just fancied up before the show and that the livestock showers other animals are neglected.
Oh, boy!
AR groups want people to stop using animals for their own entertainment. (No rodeos, livestock shows, etc)
ADGA, FFA, etc
There are many groups that support the showing of livestock, FFA, ADGA, and Cattlemens Association being a few. They agree it is a great way for kids to learn responsibility, and create a work ethic. Beefmaginze.com says "showing livestock
is a great way for kids to stay busy and
out of trouble
during the summer months.
To promote the issue organizations such as ADGA and such believe we should show people just how well we take care of our stock. Continue to show and try to educate the uneducated that just see what's on TV.
PETA against Livestock Showing
By: Jessi Brewer
More Persuasive?
The defending arguement for livestock showing is clearly the best. What PETA does not care to see is the fact that animals and people work together. They can not grasp the concept that showers will get new stock the next year to show. It's a part of life that FFA, 4-H, etc is trying to show.
Grabbing My Attention
It was very easy for me to choose this side because I know first hand how showing livestock really is. However, the organizations that I have listed all continue to give reason why it helps kids in their lives. Also in the pictures they show, the livestock are very well cared for.
My Stance Now
My stance now is the same as it was when I began, showing livestock is great and should be continued throughout the years
What to do?
Our challenge now is to show people that kids and animals that are involved in livestock showing are happy. God made everything for a reason, and He put animals on this Earth for us to use and prosper.
Why I Show...
I show because of tradition and legacy. My whole family has shown livestock at one point or another. I have learned many lessons and meet many people in the show ring. Showing livestock is a part of who I am.
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