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No description

Noah Pfarr

on 30 September 2018

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Transcript of Composition


Goñi Montes
The arrangement of visual elements in an image to emphasize the subject, mood, or action and make it both easily understood and aesthetically pleasing.
This includes color, shape, line, contrast, proportion, positioning, cropping, viewpoint, rhythm, perspective, geometry, and more...
So, basically in an image.
Let's Start with the basics:

When we compose an image, we must decide where to place our focal points, or areas of interest that we want to emphasize
Andrew Loomis
Kali Ciesemier
Rebecca Mock
Patrick Leger
Andrew Loomis
Of course there is a lot going on outside of these lines in any great work of art, but think of composition lines like coat-hangers.They are the form upon which the painting hangs.
Creative Illustration
Andrew Loomis
Frame your focal point with strong contrasting shapes.
Victo Ngai
Patrick Leger
Goñi Montes
Patrick Leger
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