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C.R.E.A.M Strategy


Salam Syr

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of C.R.E.A.M Strategy

C.R.E.A.M Strategy
New ideas .. New ways of learning ..
E- Effective
A- Active
C.R.E.A.M Strategy
R- Reflective
Salam Murad & Sharifa Masmoum & Reem Othman
17/12/2012 Monday
C- Creative
C - Creative
Have the confidence to use your individual strategies and styles, applying imagination to your learning.
* “It’s a waste of time”

* “I’m not creative, I can’t”

* “There’s a time for work and time for play”

Attitudes that prevent creativity
Be able to sit with
your experience,
analyse and evaluate
your own
and draw lessons
from it
R- Reflective
- Keep a learning journal
or blog.
- Use the self-evaluation
- Keep an updated profile
or portfolio.
- Make a constructive use
of feedback from tutors.
- Fill in progress sheets
Methods of developing
Organize your space, time,
priorities, state of mind and resources to the maximum
E- Effective
Do you:
-Feel guilty if you’re not
working ?
-Worry if you can’t remember every
detail of what you have learnt ?
-Worry that people have taken
far more notes than you ?
Ineffective approaches
Your learning is likely to be ineffective if you :
-Work when you are too tired to concentrate.
-Sit down to study but let your mind wander
to other matters.
-Learn things off by heart without
really understanding them.
- Give yourself study triggers
- Create the right environment
- Use your distractions to help
you study
* Study on the move
Tips for Effective
Where does
the time go ?
“ Time Management “
Time Circle
Who is an active
learner ?
Be personally involved and doing
things, physically and mentally,
in order to make sense of
what you learn.
A- Active
There are four basic activities through
which all students learn, and specific
active learning strategies use one or
more of these elements.
* Talking and Listening
* Writing
* Reading
* Reflecting
Basic Elements of
Active Learning
Examples for ineffective approaches
Be aware of your own
desired outcomes;
keep yourself on track
using short- and
long-term ‘goals’.
M- Motivated
* Strengthen your motivation.
* Set goals.
* Celebrate successes. 
* Mark success.
* Aim for higher peaks
* Find support. 
6 Ways to Motivate
Your Learning
Salam Murad
Sharifa Masmoum
Reem Othman
1- Study skills book
2- www1.umn.edu
3- www.articulate.com
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