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Tison vs. Arizona

Shug shug

Amber Young

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Tison vs. Arizona

Tison v. Arizona What Happened? 1986 Ruling of the Court Who's involved?
Tison and his former cellmate Randy Greenawalt, intentionally shot and killed all four passengers(John,Donnelda, Christopher, and Theresa). Randy and Rick(Gary's sons), despite not personally killing anyone, were convicted of capital murder in addition to armed robbery, kidnapping and car theft. Under Arizona law, a killing occurring during the perpetration of robbery or kidnapping is capital murder and each participant in the kidnapping or robbery is legally responsible for the acts of his accomplices. The Petitioners each were sentenced to death for the four murders. Rick and Raymond were convicted of the murders of John, Donnelda, Christopher, and Theresa. They were charged with 92 crimes and sentenced to the death penalty. Gary Tison- covicted murderer and father of Ricky And Raymond Tison
Raymond Tison- son of Gary Tison (petitioner)
Ricky Tison- son of Gary Tison and Raymond's brother(petitioner)
Randy Greenawalt- convicted felon and cellmate of Gary Tison
John Lyons- victim of Gary and Randy
Donnelda- John Lyon's wife(victim)
Christopher- John and Donnelda's two year old son(victim)
Theresa Tyson- fifteen year old niece of John and Donnelda(victim) Tison had been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a guard whom he killed in the course of a prison escape. After spending a number of years in jail, Tison’s wife, their three sons, Tison’s brother and other relatives engineered a prison escape. They were successful in breaking Gary and Randy Greenawalt out of prison. TISON V. ARIZONA. (17 October 2012): 1 Page. Online. Oyez Home Page. Internet. 1 November 2012. Available: http://www.oyez.org.
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TISON v. ARIZONA 481 U.S. 137 (1987) TISON v. ARIZONA No. 84-6075: 16 pages. Online. Leagle Home Page. Internet. 1 November 2012. Available: www.leagle.com.
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