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Ruth Lilly Medical Library

Interview with librarian

jill cobb

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Ruth Lilly Medical Library

The Ruth Lilly Medical Library Sally Robison, Library Resources Manager Facts about the Library Copy vs. Original cataloging? Steps involved in cataloging The Indiana University School of Medicine Established 1908

Only academic health sciences library in the state

Primary information resource for faculty, students and staff of IU SChool of Medicine, School of Nursing Graduate Program, Wishard Hospital, School of Health and Rehabilitation Services

Serves licensed Indiana Healthcare professionals
Employs 35 staff members
11 library faculty (tenure-track)
3 librarians (MLS)
Cataloging and technical services are the same department
4 full time employees
1 part time employee
All have MLS Librarian Interview Main person responsible for most cataloging Classification system:
MESH, Medical Subject Headings
National LIbrary of Medicine
Don't use Dewey Only 1% of cataloging is original
Remainder is copy cataloging Only one book needed original cataloging Spends about $500 per week on books
Purchases primarily from Mathews Medical Books
Mathews has everything prepared for the book with regards to cataloging before it even arrives
Weekly list of recommendations from OCLC list
Staff researches and agrees on selections weekly
Places order through Mathews
They arrive quickly and shelf-ready

Upon receipt of book:
Sally updates OCLC holdings for World Cat
Sirsidynix-Uploads into this system and scans barcode
Changes fixed fields in MARC record
Rechecks IUCAT to make sure item there
Sometimes manually has to put on magnetic strip
Puts book on her shelf with others
Takes all books once logged in down to circulation

The "A to Z" list is monitored daily by staff
129 databases
free, subscription and shared sources
Major ones used: Ebsco, Wiley, Elsevier
6895 Electronic Full-Text Journals
801 Online Books
103 Online Databases
121,988 journal volumes
73,401 book volumes
History of Medicine special collection of books, journals and artifacts

Has impressive amount of holdings
Was told MLS not really necessary anymore to do this job-disappointing
Disappointed by lack of Consumer Health Information
Overall, a great facility but not many opportunties for recent MLS graduates, especially for cataloging. Other duties of the cataloging staff Summary Copy Cataloging & Acquisitions
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