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Graduation Team For Class 2011-2016 General Vision

No description

Khaled Samir

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Graduation Team For Class 2011-2016 General Vision

My General View & Plan
First of All
let's make our rest few months in our college the best ... And to make our slogan be
((Say 'Yes' To Everything For One Day))

Trips & Events

Funding Team
Media & Publicity Team
Prom Team
Graduation team for Class 2011-2016
Graduation Team
Trips & Events Team

the team which is responsible for:
fun days,
gatherings & outgoings,
Dish parties & karaokes,
Comedy or Drama Play (Theater),
Sports day

Summer Vacation
2015 Trip
Sharm & Hurghada
Mid-year Vacation 2016 Trip
Luxor & Aswan
Fun Days
Pyramids Visit
Soap Soccer&bubble Soccer
Seniors Runners
Seniors Biking
Dish party& karaoke
Media & Publicity Team
The Team which is Responsible for:
Photo days
Lab Coat Signature photo days
Designing of Seniors' hoodies & t-shirts
Shooting Videos
Media Coverage For Events
Seniors' Magazine
Online Radio series every week-end
Seniors' Year Book

Comedian or Drama Play (Theater)
Photo days
Lab Coat signature photo days
Shooting Videos
Seniors' Hoodies Designing

Seniors' year Book
All in our Year Book
Funding Team
The Team which is responsible for:
fund raising,
Collecting the fees of the trips, Fun days & the prom,
Determines the budget of the trips, the prom, the hotel, the bands ... etc
putting the strategy of raising money for funding this band,
Putting The strategy of raising money for funding this band,
The Strategy of
raising money
to fund the band
depends on
collecting our
target of money
through this 2
years which will
be determined by
that team ......
after the funding team determines the budget of the band, the team will collect that target through our rest three semesters from our colleagues whom are willing to attend the prom.
Prom Team
The Team which is
responsible for:

searching for the best place and facilities to offer organizing the prom party,

Contracting with the hotel, the DJ, the Band or the Celebrity singers,

PRE-prom preparations,
Sound systems, Lightnings, Laser beams,

Contacting with Prom organizers,
Prom Themes,
Prom Titles,

prom theme
Graduation Team hierarchy

Graduation Team Leader
Vice Leader
Media&Publicity Team leader
Trips&Events Team leader
Funding Team leader
Prom Team leader
Graduation team leader will be elected.
Vice & Team Leaders will be selected through their plans and visions depending on disciplined criteria. Members in each team will be selected.
Each Team Can Afford from 8 to 10 member -more or less- according to the detailed Vision of the team leaders and their demands of sub-committees & members.
Chat rooms,
Get everyone in the team involved in important events and projects,
Look for people who are the right fit for virtual work,
Create a true “team” feeling.

And that's my general Vision for our Graduation year & our rest months in our college ....

Last but not least I need to say that the aim of all of this ,besides making unforgettable moments through our rest months, is to work together as one whole class to achieve perfection and excellence ....
And let's say ....
Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a process, working together is SUCCESS !!.
Thank YOU !!
Khaled Samir Khaled
Graduation Team For Class 2011-2016
And NOW,

Let's go through the teams and
their brief job descriptions ....

prom titles
Prom Party
My Target for our prom party -which will be held by the end of semester 10- is to be a night that can't be forgotten....
Different from any other prom held by the other classes.
And this well be achieved by getting the best hotel, best organizers, best DJ, and the different thing from other classes....
best celebrities & Band and actually that's my target to make this night exceptional and different from other ordinary prom nights held by other classes....
And Contracting with those celebrities or Band will be our Preoccupation....
Sand Boarding
Saint Catherine
A new Event for Our Graduating Year
Cape & Gone
This Event will be a new one .... which depends on honoring
Our Extra-ordinary superior academically students...
talented mates in painting, playing music, Sporty people, poetry reading ....
This Honoring will be through Certificates & giving speeches ....
sports day
One of my main Targets through our graduating year is to Do our first theatrical work (Comedian or Drama Play) through investing our super-talented Classmates.....
-Writing the script
Putting into consideration that each one in
the Class has the right to take part and
be represented in that team....
pick your favorite band or celebrities for the prom night
Raising money also will depend on:

-our Events & trips & fun days
-Contracting with a private photographer studio during our events & photo days and targeting part from the profit to fund our projects
-Selling seniors' hoodies & t-shirts & cupcakes to fund our projects
the general Criteria for selecting all Team members
Events & trips Team:
previous experience in organizing trips, fun days, activities
& different events... Contacts of travel agencies & organizers... brief plan for the event's calender.
Media & Publicity Team:
Managing of editing , photographing , Designing, Montague....
detailed plan for his/her vision for the year book, seniors' magazine...
Prom Team:
Contacts of hotels, bands, DJ, Sound systems, lighting system, lasers, catering, theme organizers... brief plan for his/her general vision for the prom night...
Funding Team:
Streaming ideas & detailed plan to fund our projects and targets...

Camping at Siwa & Baharya oasis
And WHY NOT A SUMMER TRIP TO LEBANON, Dubai or Turkey..... ?!!
1st Halloween&custom party
in our college...
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