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The Naked Citadel

No description

Delaney Bowes

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of The Naked Citadel

Journey to the Citadel The story of Shannon Faulkner Brief Background Put up a fight Reasons for Male Resistance A Bright Future First Day of School The End The Citadel was established as an arsenal in 1822 in response to a slave revolt.
It has a very long-standing tradition of a military academy which accepts only men.
Shannon Faulkner, a young lady from a town just outside of the Citadel, decided she would like to apply there and challenge the anti-feminist culture.
Not realizing they had accepted a female, the Citadel revoked Shannon's acceptance two weeks after she recieved the letter Shannon and her family decided to sue the academy in hopes that it would gain her admittance.
While the courts fought for her right to attend the Citadel, Shannon spent one semester at the University of South Carolina while suffering from public scrutiny of her ambition to be the first female admitted there due to the 152 year-old tradition. Author of the article, The Naked Citadel, Susan Faludi, attributes the strong push back of the men at the citadel to a few underlying causes.
One of them being the sense of community men feel when women are not present along with the affection they feel comfoortable showing at those times.
Another reason for the intense exclusion of women outlined in her article is the notion that women would not be able to withstand the brutal training and hazing which occurs among the cadets of the Citadel. The courts ruled that the Citadel must accept Faulkner since they are not a private institution.
On her first day of classes, Shannon felt the strong hatred form fellow classmates when her professor had to threaten them with failure just to get them to sit near her.
The struggle to fit in continued when rumors of plots against Shannon to get her expelled surfaced.
The final straw was the publishing of an article in the school newspaper entirely devoted to the anti-Shannon cause, sometimes even threatening her life.
Due to medical reasons, Shannon was later forced to withdraw from the college and return home While it may seem that the anti-feminist Citadel had won, this is not where the story ends.
A new pioneer in the fight for women, and daughter of Citadel alumnus, Nancy Mellette, also gained admittance to the Citadel.
These two courageous young ladies have only begun the exciting path of modern women and are prime examples of the rising ambitions of females in society.
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