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Colonization of Nigeria

No description

jackson ligon

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Colonization of Nigeria

Colonization of Nigeria
By: Worth Lineberry & Jackson Ligon
When was Nigeria colonized?
Nigeria was colonized in 1850 although it took a long time to colonize Nigeria they gained their independence from Britian in 1961.
Who attempted to come in and colonize Nigeria.
The British came to colonize Nigeria in 1850, but a times it seamed hard because it was common for the natives to riot.
What was life like in Nigeria prior to colonization?
There were a lot of natives being traded by Nigerian kingdoms for ivory and other products. This slave trade occurred a lot in Nigeria by Britain who exported more slaves than any other country at the time. In 1807 Britain made the slave trade illegal, but it never ended in till Britain colonized Nigeria.
What were the government, economy, social structures like.
The British appointed a high commissioner of the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria who was Frederick Lugard. He was the main leader of Nigeria for Britain who ruled Nigeria political from England.

There were basically two social classes during the colonization period. They consisted of the very rich that were involved in the big exporting businesses all around Nigeria, and the very pour who lived off the land.
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