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Black Saturday

No description

Dominic ~Dom

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Black Saturday

thanks for listening
there was barely any rainfall during the bushfire. This enabled the fire to survive longer due to the fact that the air remained dry, parch and hot.
Black Saturday
It left Victoria in ruins
Burnt forest was the aftermath
Affected areas
during the bushfire, There was a low air pressure near the bushfire area which means the air is rising and is going clockwise. A high pressure system is to the left of the area which means that the wind is going anti-clockwise to the left of the area.
It was one of the worst bushfire that happened in Australia
With wind speeds of up to 115km/h
The fire spreads across Victoria rapidly
The fire claimed 173 lives and burnt down over 2000 houses
Over 400,000 hectares of land was burnt due to the black Saturday fire. About 15 towns were affected and about 19,000 CFA firefighters were involved.
There is no precipitation which means that the air is dry. The wind is also fairly strong in the affected area.
On the weather map
strong winds, dry air and no precipitation combined with hot temperatures. This bushfire was bound to happen.
This radar thought it picked up rain but in reality, this big clump is actually smoke.
The fire was very fierce and there was hardly any viable sky due to the dense smoke.

To show the amount smoke there was...
Black Saturday was one of the worse bush fires in Australia, thousands of hectares worth of land was burnt. over 100 lives lost and many more houses destroyed, unless the weather is extreme again it is unlikely that an event that is this big will repeat. Although, the possibility of smaller fires stay.
this synoptic chart inst very extreme at all, however the reason why this bushfire started in the first place is that this sort of windy-dry weather lasted for days.
BOM, 9/02/2009,
Bushfire in Victoria,
Australian government

About Black Saturday
, Australian government, 19/03/2014, http://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/about/black-saturday/
February 2009
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