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Mrs. Patel's Math Models Classroom

No description

Cynthia Patel

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of Mrs. Patel's Math Models Classroom

Mrs. Patel's Classroom
Positive Attitude
When you walk through my door the negative attitude stays outside.

There is no more "I can't" in anything that we do.

There is no more "I've never been able to do math".

There is no more "this is hard"

Be respectful to everyone that comes through the door.

Disagree respectfully

Speak to everyone in the room respectfully

Treat yourself with respect
Technology we will be using in class
Be Prepared
Always come to class with your materials
pencil, paper, USB, ear buds/earphones

Always have your homework finished before the start of class.
Dress Code and Food/Drinks
You are expected to be in dress code before you walk through the door
Collared solid shirt
Solid color pants (blue, black, brown, or white)
Shirt tucked in
Belt on

No food/drinks in class.....NO EXCEPTIONS!
We are dealing with too much technology in class
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
For assignments and many other things
To post comments about class or a lesson
This will be your first one
To send out text reminders
These will be used for reviews or to drill on something you might be lacking.
For quizzes in class...we will use this very soon!
Use this to organize everything and to be able access your stuff from anywhere. And you can personalize it!
Davitily Math Academy
Others you might want to use
You can find these in the Google Chrome Apps
All three can be used to make an online binder (paperless). You can organize your class notes and even add videos.
Connected Mind
These two can can be used to make mind maps for notes.
Helpful information
Shorten your URL
This is Google's URL Shortner.....when used while signed into Google it will record the short URL and give you a QR code to copy and paste.
QR Scanner
I-nigma Reader
Download this onto your smartphone or other device to scan your QRs
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