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Al Capone Shines My Shoes Prezi

No description

lucas hunter

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Al Capone Shines My Shoes Prezi

The cons who work in Piper's house take Natalie, Piper, Moose and Piper's baby brother hostage. They are disguised as guards and it is so foggy outside you cannot see your hand in front of your face. So nobody can tell if they are real guards. Natalie sees they only have fake guns. Moose hollers to the real guards that the cons are escaping. The cons drop Moose, Natalie, and Piper. The guards capture all of the cons except for one who ran off with the baby. Moose and Moose's dad lose Natalie. Moose spots Natalie near the cell house they find Capone with the baby. Capone hands the baby over. News breaks out all over the island that Moose, Natalie and Piper are heroes because they escaped from the cons and were able to foil the con's escape
plan from the island. Moose Flanagan is the main character in Al Capone Shines My Shoes. He is twelve years old and lives with his mom and dad, Helen & Cam Flanagan, in an apartment on Alcatraz Island. His older sister Natalie is sixteen-years-old and has autism. She lives in San Francisco at the Esther P. Marinoff school, which is a boarding school that helps kids with autism. This special school did not accept Natalie until Moose asks a famous prisioner, Al Capone, for help. Then somehow after that, she was accepted. Moose's favorite thing to do is play baseball. BY LUCAS HUNTER Al Capone Shines My Shoes is about a twelve- year-old boy named Moose Flanagan
who lives on Alcatraz Island. The year is 1935. Alcatraz is a "twelve-acre rock" located in San Francisco Bay and is also home to a famous prison. Moose Flanagan's dad is a prison guard on Alcatraz Island. The prison guard families live in apartments on the island not too far from the Cell House (prison). The Setting Main Character Description Moose has many friends on the island Main Character Description Moose has many friends on the island that sometimes he gets along with and sometimes he doesn't. Jimmy Mattaman is one of Moose's best friends. He likes to train flies to do tricks, but is not very good at baseball. Theresa Mattaman is seven-years-old and is Jimmy's younger sister. She and Natalie are friends too. Annie Bomini lives in apartment 3H and is the only kid on the island who's any good at baseball and knows Moose's Al Capone secret. Piper William is the same age as Moose and is the prison warden's daughter. Moose and all the other kids on the island are afraid to get on Piper's bad side since she can make up stories and get their father's in trouble with the warden. Main Character Description The plot At the beginning of Al Capone Shines my Shoes, Natalie leaves for the Esther P. Marinoff school for autistic kids. Moose's secret that Al Capone helped get Natalie into the school is out. This happens because Moose's friend Annie accidentally gets the Flanagan's laundry at her apartment and finds the note that says "Your Turn" from Al Capone. Annie tells Moose to go tell an adult. Moose refuses because he doesn't want to get Natalie kicked out of her new school. He also likes how his mom and dad are treating him now
and are not as stressed out when
Natalie is away at school. Because Piper's dad is the Prison Warden, she has prisoners, Willy One Arm and Buddy Boy,working in her house. Moose thinks that's interesting, but he also thinks it's a bad idea because they are prisoners and had to do something bad to get to Alcatraz.
Moose receives yet another note in the laundry from
Capone which says, "My Mae likes yellow roses." The next
day, Moose wakes up with hives. Theresa gives her baby brother, Rocky, a penny to play with, but Rocky ends up eating and chocking on it. Moose ends up saving Rocky by rushing him to the doctor.
En route to the doctor, Moose runs into Al Capone.
A few days later, Moose gives Mae a
yellow rose on the boat to Alcatraz. When Natalie comes home from school, Moose finds a bar speeder in her suit case. Moose begins to think the cons are up to something. Jimmy helps Moose get rid of it by throwing it into the bay. Unfortunately, Jimmy can't throw very well and it washes up on shore. Janet Trixle finds it and use it to build a merry-go-round.
Warden Williams, Piper's dad, decides to host a big party at the piano hall on the island in honor of Elliot Ness coming to Alcatraz. It is rumored that Al Capone and other cons will be waiters. Moose and Piper sneak in to the event even though he is supposed to be watching Natalie.
The cons see their chance to
escape during the party
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