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The Digital Citizen in an Augmented Reality

EdTech Classroom Conference Keynote 2013 at CSU San Bernardino

Sabine Lawless-Reljic, Ed.D

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of The Digital Citizen in an Augmented Reality

The Digital Citizen in an Augmented Reality
Dr. Sabine Lawless-Reljic

Illustrations by Mat Moore
33 Digital Skills
What is
Augmented Reality?
Teach so that others understand

GAME: Ingress, AR Invader, Geocaching

AR BROWSERS: Wikitude World Browser, TagWhat, AcrossAir

AR CREATOR: Aurasma, Layar, Junaio

OTHERS: LookAtor, Augmented Car Finder, Google Sky Map, iOnRoad Augmented Driving

Think across disciplines
Think across cultures
Adapt to new situations
See others'
Think Critically
What is Digital Citizenship?
Augmented New World!
on your
Tech savvy Toddlers

Who is a digital citizen?

Original Prezi by Maria H. Anderson
Muskegon Community College
. . .
Licensed for Creative Commons
Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
source: Common Sense Media, Fall 2013
Digital Educator


1- Create and edit digital audio

2- Use Social bookmarking to share resources with and between learners

3- Use blogs and wikis to create online platforms for students

4- Exploit digital images for classroom use

5- Use video content to engage students

6- Use infographics to visually stimulate students

7- Use Social networking sites to connect with colleagues and grow professionally

8- Create and deliver asynchronous presentations and training sessions

9- Compile a digital e-portfolio for their own development

10- Have a knowledge about online security

OmniTouch projection interface
DiCAR Mission
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