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How to Write a Business Letter

No description

Vanessa Lapitan

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of How to Write a Business Letter

How to Write a Business Letter
By: Vanessa Lapitan
Step 1: The Return Address
Home address for the first 2 lines
After pressing the "ENTER" key 3 times...

Step 2: The Inside Address
The name of the person you are sending to
The title of their job
The company they work for
The address of where the person works
After pressing the "ENTER" key 2 times...
Step 3: The Greeting
Dear (Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr) Last name of the person:
After pressing the "ENTER" key another 2 times...
Step 4: The Body
Business letters are
hand written
Tell what you want to say to the person
It is a formal letter,
like a letter you would send family or friends
indents for paragraphs
When starting new paragraphs, press the "ENTER" key twice
Contact info (phone number/e-mail) is usually in last paragraph
After pressing the "ENTER" key another 2 times...
Step 5: Complimentary Closing
Press the "ENTER" key 3 or 5 times depending on space left on the page
Your name
Short title of who you are
This space is for you to sign with your signature after printing the letter!
More about business letters:
use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation
use Times New Roman font, size 12
use "block style" (no indents for paragraphs)
The date you are writing the letter is the third line
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