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Mind Map

No description

Tyler Hobbs

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Mind Map

The Foxman Foxman Characters Plot Theme All in all I think that this book was alright, but I didn't really like it.

I would recommend this book to someone that is interested in books that are about survival somewhat, or just anyone that likes Gary Paulsen. The book Foxman is written by Gary Paulsen.

which is based on events that really did happen in his life. The Narrator is clearly meant to be Gary Paulsen him self, No name is ever given to the Protagonist in this story.

Carl, another main Character is the narrators cousin, he helps guide the narrator through the woods and help him get used to the farm.

The Foxman, is a veteran of world war 1, and most likely got is face disfigured from war. Which is also a reason that he lives in the far north woods of minnesota. He most likely disfigured his face in the battle of verdun.

Hans and Agile, are his cousins two old uncles. Both of them fought in world war 1. During the summer they tell stories about funny things. But in the winter they gather around the fire place and tell stories about the war. As the story begins, The narrator is at his parents house, when his drunken mother attempts to stab him. Which lead them to go to court and then forced to move to his uncles house in northern minnesota, which he had been to before.

The farm is on a 10 acre plot of land which during his first summer there he has basically a full time job with only one day off sunday, his job is to buck all the land. They get the work done with two big horses named Jim, and Digger.

They introduce winter stories which are stories told by the elders of the story.

Later in the story they go out in the wilderness chasing a fox and before they know it they are out in the middle of a storm 20 miles away from home when they find a shack, head to it and thats when they find the foxman.

towards the end they have lots of respect for the foxman but are unable to visit him, as he wishes to be away from society. The foxman is not only facialy disfigured but also harmed by what society has come to,

"Iron, my boy-- Steel against flesh, science against beauty. The beauty of being human and beauty lost". Pg 86

The foxman views war as an extension to the tragedy of society

"Science kills beauty- Just like war destroys life". Pg 74

Another part of the theme is that the foxman is not just a bitter old man but actually a heroic figure in the story that is trying to make the best out of a unfortunate event in his life.

The book is about the lesson taught to the boy by the foxman, not to judge a person by human condition, and must try to find the beauty even if it is extremely hard to find. As the foxman puts it

"Trying to pluck a rose from the manure". pg 87. Would I recommend this book? Mind Map
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