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SCDDH Environmental impact of structures

No description

Christine Trac

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of SCDDH Environmental impact of structures

Problems from the dam
The Environmental Impact
The Long Term Effects
The Pros and Cons
of the Dam

The Future Impact
The floods from the Nile have been stopped
Improved Navigation
How it impacts Animals
Food Pyramid
Tourism in the Nile, thanks to the dam
more farms near the Nile
almost NO drought
Rusty colour
Top supported
by beams
Impacts on 5 Basic Needs
On water
many people had to be relocated
fishing businesses declined
* To control flooding
* To provide more water
* To generate electricity
The Dam provides Half of Egypt's Electricity
Additional Information on The Aswan Dam
Also known as Aswan High Dam since the 1950
3,830 meters long
980 meters wide base
111 meters tall
Food (Agriculture)
Dam stopped annual flooding in Aswan, Egypt
Increase in groundwater leve
Since lower turbidity, sunlight penetrates deeper in the Nile Water
Increased Egypt's irrigated area by a third
About half a million families settled on to this new land
Rich nutrients there before are gone
Farmers now use million tons of artificial fertilizer as replacement
25000 tonnes of fish a year at Lake Nasser
Increase in rice and sugar cane
Other Environment Impacts
When built, created artificial Lake Nasser
Created more land for people to farm
Increase of erosion, due to lack of natural fertilizer
*Blocks the water of rivers to provide it for itself
The artificial deposit of water on land, where the breeding place of snails carrying parasites called Bilharzia.
This parasites larvae enter through the skin and mature within organ tissues.
This would impact the fish in the lake, like the Sardine decreasing the numbers of sardines and give to the person who eats the sardine.
The Aswan Dam impacted the animals by...
Discount on Sardines
What is secretly in
the Sardines
A parasite called Bilharzia
Weather now is hot and dry
Rainfall is non-existent
Humidity is uncommon
Food Pyramid
How it impacts plants
Lake Nasser
Stopped the floods, but they gave crops rich soil for planting.
Also the dam stop droughts which also helped crops.
But with the dam blocking Nile waters rich nutrients, the Mediterranean was left in poverty with the dead and decaying plants
With the Aswan Dam..
These floods can help
crops grow!!!
These droughts
kill crops
Decaying plants without enough nutrients
When the dam was built, the annual flooding in that area stopped. That is actually a bad thing. The farmers now have to use fertilizer to grow their crops which makes it more expensive. The crops might get more expensive.
Lots of fertile soil is trapped behind the dam leading to severe erosion on the egyptian coast. The sardine and shrimp industry was hit hard. The sardines dropped to 460 tons
Future Impacts
some health problems with more densely populated areas like Sudan
erosion on the shoreline
things needed to be moved (statues,
people, etc.)
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