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Elt Final P

No description

Tim Chan

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Elt Final P

1 2 Thank you :D Michael Tse Wai Tung - 09602173 OK Chan Ngo Kei - 07607031 Tim Chan Hing Faat - 09618344 CONSERVATION: TELEWORK WORKS ! Date: 23 / 4 / 2010 Elt1111A Final-Presentation Concept: Virtual Workspace Model Physical Via the Internet X Geograpgic
Boundary By Integrating ... Telenology People Online Processes Costs elework he Virtual Platform for Office Operation T Benefits Challenge Broadband
Connection Commonplace Workers Enough bandwidth Telework Practicable Environmental
Benefits Operational
Flexibilities New
Life Style Environmental
Benefits Slow the global warming Link each other
& Work together Then, green everywhere Fixed Office Save electric energy solve traffic problems work at home go to office Greenhouse gas emission Operational
Flexibilities remain highly productive Anywhere Anytime through different devices WORK Come together &
collaborate Quickly Low-cost way Retain Recruit Top-talent Operate Efficiently Flexibly New
Life Style make use of their time
more efficiently Fixed working time Fixed working place Work vs Rest Traveling time stress free environment do
meaningful things Overhead
Costs Security Awareness Business
Coverage Benefits Challenge Overhead
Costs I.T. employee Servers Database Websites Network
Systems Keep Update
continuously Security Awareness Network & Data Traditional
models' operation Internet Digitized data Network security Anti-virus Sensitive data? Encrypt !! Business
Coverage Easy to implement Internet Digitized data Redesign the operational &
administrative support keep
the good discipline Keen competitions Interface Find offline ways !! Difficult to implement the idea customer service sector original
operations digitalized END Bye :D We love Irene :D Resource Centre
Office SharePoint
server 2007 Security different role... different permission Data Synchronization Multiple editors,
but just one file... Create revisions... Every bit is recoverable! :D Features... i-Platforms Instant Messenger (IM) Windows
Live Messenger ICQ Hello~ Hey! Web Conference room One-to-Many Employee Training Office Meeting Client Meeting Monitoring System Record Evaluate Task A Task B Task C Assigning tasks... Supervisor Task accomplished! Enterprise search 1. Continous
propagation 2. Graphical
User interface 3. suggestion
capability Problem
Implementation Solution MySite Public/private view colleague manager or, everyone... personalized view of your information 3 Many-to-Many Background: A hot world Hot Headline 60%: Water Vapour 26%: Carbon Dioxide Here in Hong Kong Oops 1/3 >50% It is just a TRADE = + = How do we work now?
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