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School Health Policies

Childhood Obesity

zainab khaku

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of School Health Policies

How effective are school health policies in preventing childhood obesity in the following states Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Rhode Island, Illinois, and Mississippi? Background and Significance Childhood obesity in the United States has been drastically increasing to the point where it is considered an epidemic.
Obesity rates in the United States have been climbing since 1960. They have now tripled leaving one third of children obese or overweight. The federal government has a very general mandate
So individual states and local School districts have taken the responsibility of creating a healthier environment for children in order to reverse the trend of obesity among our youth. Methods Conclusions Limitations From the state level it seems regulations are just as general as the federal mandate, leaving the responsibility to each individual school. It was also noted the state attempt to improve children's health does not incorporate all aspects that impact a child's health. Prospective research would benefit greatly by selecting a larger more spread out sample size or possibly even include all 50 states.
Obesity has additional health, economic, and social consequences which tend to place a extra burden on society Physcial Activity
Food Restrictions
BMI Screening
Education State Obesity Rate Rank
Minnesota 23.1% 50
Pennsylvania 29.7% 32
Rhode Island 30.1% 29
Illinois 34.9% 10
Georgia 37.3% 3
Mississippi 44.4% 1
National Association of State Boards of Education
State School Health Policy
Database Results Four Variable 'Why is this important?' 'How did i Answer this Question' 'What I found' 'What it Means' Looking at all eight elements the CDC recomends
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