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Part I of research presentation

Jeri Hurd

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Research/Pre-Search

? The Research Process: Handling the Information Overload PRE-SEARCH Define your task
Determine your needs
Ask questions!
Generate keywords
Determine sources Organize material
Evalute sources/information
Extract relevant ideas
Focus topic/research question PUT IT ALL TOGETHER Connect Ideas
Think through dissenting information
Order ideas
Evaluate progress CREATE/EVALUATE Complete task
Judge product
Judge process Define Task Final product?
Required size, length or time?
Topic? Pre Search Focus Topic Too broad: Russia and World War I
Better: Russian politics and WW I
Focused: Russian involvement in WWI
and its effect on the Revolution Research Question More than one side can be reasonably defended You can deal thoroughly with topic in required space You can find enough information on the topic What caused the Russian Revolution? Supporting Questions Provide the information that "answers" your research question
Factual: who, what, when, where
Telling questions: deal with specifics
Analytical questions: why? how?
Elaborating: develops/looks beyond
Hypothetical questions: explore the possibilities Plan Your Search Keywords
phrases Resources
multimedia FIND INFORMATION Analytical Prove a point and defend with evidence Arguable Focused Researchable So what's this information literacy stuff, anyway? Managing Information Independent Learning Social Responsibility How can I improve my fitness level? Is fast food nutritious?
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