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dark matter

Welcome to the dark side :D

Mohamed El-Gazzar

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of dark matter

Dark Matter and Dark Energy The Dark side of the Universe Questions Einstein was proved wrong
the cosmological constant (fudge factor) It is matter that does not absorb or emit light.
It moves thoughout the universe passing through every thing it touches like a ghost. What is Dark Matter? Fritz Zwicky was the first one to notice that there was something amiss in the universe.
50 years later a female astrologist Vera Rubin had confirmed what Zwicky had proposed. How do you look for
what you can’t see: Gravitational Lensing The Dark Matter Map: Textbooks are wrong! Dark Energy Who proposed it? Famous Geniuses.. Scientists from Fermi Labs use underground labs to try and catch Dark Matter. Trying to confirm it: Frozen Germanium MACHOs What it might be: WIMPS Axions MACHOs (Massive Compact Halo Objects): MACHOs are objects ranging in size from small stars to super massive black holes. MACHOS are made of ordinary matter (like protons, neutrons and electrons). They may be black holes, neutron stars, or brown dwarfs. The WIMP (Weakly interactive massive particles) form a class of heavy particles, interacting slightly with matter, and constitute excellent candidates with the nonbaryonic dark matter. Axions are hypothetical particles that have a small mass in the milli-electronvolt (eV) range, making them 500 million times lighter than an electron. Additionally, an axion should have no spin. What is it? Why it's so important to find it? It would be hard to create the universe without it, because it's fundamental. It gives us an idea on how did the universe behave early in its life. Dark Matter helped in forming stars and planets. Scientists consider it to be the Skeleton of the Universe. through its Radiation: Conclusion: .. or
through its Momentum: Spark result There are two ways: the
seen There is mass missing in the universe that we can't see (missing mass). Scientific Thinking How do I weigh the galaxy? Down to ten billionth of a second. Dark Energy is a mysterious force that is tearing our universe apart It is now separating galaxies and other celestial bodies away from each other. eventually it tears even atoms apart.. Dark Energy Dark Matter & Who do you think will win? Conflict & Balance VS Quintessence the fifth element the fifth force It is the proposed form of Dark Energy. it corrects the cosmological constant made by Albert
Einstein. Actual
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