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No description

Rydora Wilcox

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of U-KISS

By: Rydora Wilcox
Background Info
Eli Kim (Ellison Kim)
A.J (Kim Jaeseop)
Dongho (Shin Dongho)
Kiseop (Lee Kiseop)
Kevin Woo
Soohyun (Shin Soohyun)
Raps, Dances and Sings
Born in Korea
Speaks Korean, English, and Japanese
Plays piano
Inspiration is Justin Timberlake
Studied abroad in U.S
Main dancer, sings
Born in Korea
Plays piano and bass
Studied Taekwondo ( 3rd degree black belt)
One of the new additions to U-KISS
Replaced Alexander
Main vocal
Born in U.S
Speaks English, Korean, and Japanese
Grew up in California
Plays guitar and piano
Power vocals
Leader of the band
Born in Korea
Speaks Korean and Japanese
Took over as leader for Kibum
South Korean boy band
7 members (2 former members)
NH Media formed them in 2008
Band name stands for Ubiquitous Korean International idol Superstar
Raps, dances, and sings
Born in Washington D.C
Studied Kung Fu for 12 years
Speaks English, Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese

favorite band member
Raps and dances
Born in China
Speaks Korean, Japanese, and Manderin Chinese
Youngest member of the band
Plays drums
Hoon (Yeo Hoonmin)
Main vocal with Kevin
Speaks Korean and Japanese
Born in Korea
Studied Taekwondo
Replaced Kibum
Personal Impact
I love their music
Their music ALWAYS puts me in a good mood
They're my favorite band
UKISS interview
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