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My Hometown

No description

Awesome Chi

on 21 November 2011

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Transcript of My Hometown

My Hometown :Toronto
Toronto is located in Canada in the province of Ontario. It is the capital of Ontario.
(cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr
Human And Environment Interaction
Toronto is located in Toronto Ontario. It has many famous landmarks lke the Cn Tower. It has a lot of traffic because of the many tourists visiting. Toronto has many parks like Nathan Phillips Square.
Toronto has 6 districts.
Toronto is a fastpaced and modern city. With many landmarks attractions and the vivid culture, Toronto is a wonderful city.
43°42′59.72″N 79°20′26.47″W
On the bank of Lake Ontario North from Niagra Falls.
Human and Enviroment Interatation
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
Ten Landmarks in Toronto
1. The CN Tower
This is an observation tower that is 533.33m tall. It's is the tallest free standing
structure in the western hemisphere and attracts
2 million tourists each year.
2. Nathan Phillips Square
This is a urban plaza right in front of New City Hall. It has a pool (which also serves as a skating rink), a food and skate rental kiosk, a peace garden, and a sculpture
4.The Toronto Islands
The Toronto islands is a
string or islands in Lake
Ontario. The biggest island is center island. Some islands include Algonquin Island, Middle Island and Olympic Island.
4. The Hockey Hall of Fame
This was established in 1943 and is
a museum dedicated to ice hockey. It
is also a hall of fame to honor past hockey
players. Sor far 362 people have been
admited. Hockey players, managers,
and other people who have helped build
the game are eligible.
5. Old City Hall
This was a civil building and a
court house from 1899-1966. The building took more than a decade to build and cost more than $2.5 million. It was archeticted in Romanesque Revival style.and has a clock that is 103.6 metre-tall.
6. City Hall
This is the home of the city's municipal
government . City hal started it's
construction in November 7, 1961. It cost 221
million dollars. The construction was completed
in September 13, 1965 and opened the same year. Since then it has been through a couple of
modications and additions.
7. Ontario Legslative Building
This building housed many goverment officals and monarchs. It is in the architectural style of Richardsonian Romanesque.
8. Fort York
This is a historical sight built by the British army in the late 18th century and the early 19th century. It has housed soliders and has benn used to plan attacks and has been under attack.
9. Queen's Park
This was opened in 1860
and named after Queen Victoria.
It is also the site of the Ontario
Legislative Building. It also has
several statues of past dignataries,
members of parliment, and people
of Christian faith. One of the statues
depicts Jesus Christ.
10. The Roger's Center
This is a muli purpose arena formly known as the Sky Dome. It was opened in 1989 and is home to The Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto's baseball team and The Toronto Argonauts, Toronto's football team.
Toronto is also famous for its
many restaurants. With wonderful
and unique tastes that make your
tastebuds dance. This is big part of
the Canadian experience.
A Toronto institution for over 20 years and some of Toronto's best chefs have apprenticed at this location. The cuisine is based on classic Continental and French techniques using the finest ingredients seasonally available. Attentive and flawless service. Twice voted “Toronto’s Top Restaurant” by Gourmet magazine, Scaramouche remains the pre-eminent destination for fine food &excellent wines, and the place to be.
Sushi Kaji
Ranked no. 1 for food in Toronto by Zagat Survey 2010. At Sushi Kaji, authenticity is imperative. Fish comes strictly from Tokyo bay. Rice, vegetables and even garnishes are from Japan. In order to maintain the highest quality of food and service, only 30 seats are available each evening. Kaji is such a perfectionist that he makes his own soy sauce. Reservations are recommended in advance. Sushi Kaji is one of the best sushi restaurants in North America.
Spice Route
Impressive in scope, marvellously detailed, laced with drama; Spice Route pays homage to a phenomenon shrouded in mystery. The mixture of eclectic Asian decor, mesmerizing music, and distinctive cuisine is the soul of this spot. Rare and immediately captivating, yet subdued in style; meticulous in service yet unpretentious; refined in its culinary approach while offering something to satisfy everyone.
Pearson Internationa; Airport
Toronto Harbourfront
Go Transit
VIA Rail
15 TV channels
49 radio channels
Humber River
Don River
Cherry Beach
CN Tower
Nathan Phillips Square
City Hall
Greenbelt Plan
Hurricane Hazel
Telephone area code 416
Toronto watershed
New City Hall
Queen's Park
Toronto Islands
CN Tower

Toronto is located in Ontario and is the capital city of Ontario. The coordinates are
43°4259.72N 79°2026.47W. Another description of where Toronto is located is on the bank of Lake Ontario, north of Niagra Falls.
Since Toronto is the capital of Ontario, a lot of people
work and live there and there is a lot of movement. Some
movement includes movement of people like the TTC, the 9 airports and 10 heliports in Toronto. There are also the
trains and ships for movement of products. Some other movements include movement of information like the radio and tv channels.

Toronto als has many landmarks
and attractions that make it what
it is. There are physical and human
features. Some physical features are
the many parks, beaches and
recreational sites like Cheery Beach.
One of the most famous human
feature in Toronto is the C.N Tower
which has been Toronto's symbols
for years.
Toronto is a very lsuh area. We have many trees and lakes and rivers alongside our community. We have interferred with the enviroment in many
ways like the Greenbelt Plan. There is currently a greenbelt around Toronto. The enviroment has also interferred with Toronto. Like in 1950 Hurricane Hazel went through Toronto killing 81 people.
Human and Enviroment
There are many different areas or regions in Toronto. The GTA is made up of 5 regions, Peel, Durham, Halton, York and the city of Toronto. Toronto also has it's own watershed.
The 2 Views
As a geographer
As a Torontonian
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