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Cornell Note Taking Method

This presentation introduces 6th graders to a note taking method that will assist them with their research projects.

Adrienne Zell

on 22 January 2018

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Transcript of Cornell Note Taking Method

Main ideas go
into the key
points area. Details go into
the notes section. Cornell Note
Taking Method This looks
so well
organized... Draw another line vertically (up and down) about 2 inches from the left side of the paper. No one wants to
deal with a mess
like Charli's! Cornell Note Taking is an easy way to take organized notes. The method stimulates critical thinking and helps you remember what you've read and heard. When should you take notes?

At lectures
When researching
Watching videos
Reading information
Test preparation
Discussions Now what? Why take notes? Watch this... Taking good notes can help
you become a more successful
student. When you take the time
to organize information, you're
better able to determine what's
important and USE what you've
learned. So Cornell Notes is a great tool for research, test prep, and lots of other assignments. Did you know... ...without notes, you could forget over half of what you've read? Good notes can help you remember up to 100% of information. So what? What's the
big deal if i don't take organized notes? First, You need
some paper. Divide the paper
into 3 sections. Divide into 3 by drawing
a horizontal line
(side to side) about 5
lines from the bottom. Complete sentences aren't necessary and it's okay to abbreviate and even use texting language H. Katrina 05 1800+ died Bahamas 8/23 Louis 8/29 cat 3 New Orleans 80% flood
hurricane surge protect fail Summarize in the bottom section. Don't wait too long to do this; it's best to do so while info is fresh. It's time to practice! Like this Ordinary notebook paper is fine. I'm so
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