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Gun Violence Presentation

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Angad Chopra

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Gun Violence Presentation

Angad Chopra GUN VIOLENCE IN THE U.S. The 1st Step: Realizing
THE PROBLEM THE Perspectives So what do I think? What Can You Do? The U.S. currently has the most civilian ownership of firearms in the world.

There is currently little to no regulation on the purchase and keeping of firearms

The United States leads internationally in gun-related deaths. This leads to tragic events such as the Aurora CO, Newtown Elementary, and Tucson AZ shootings The good thing is that everyone believes that we do indeed have a problem and that some of these numbers are absolutely unacceptable.

More specifically leading political parties in the United States actually come to an agreement on the fact that there is a problem. Step 1 complete in a sense. However, realization is often not the only step. Consensus, and meaningful contribution towards cooperation is still necessary. That seems to be a lot bigger of a problem The United States is in yet another spat politically that doesn't seem like it can reach a conclusion. This one, however is more important. With so many deaths, we need to do something. We have the power to do so, moreso with our voices than anything else. I feel like the Republican party has a curt and ineffectual thought process, and that inaction will speak louder than trying to compromise. It is time to do something, and for pressure to be rightfully placed. Make your voices be heard, no matter your position, because when so many people die for unnecessarily and violent reason, we can do something. Keep voicing your opinion and keep showing your distaste with current state of affairs, it'll only keep helping. Lets Make a Change TOGETHER The Democratic Party The Democratic Party, led by President Barack Obama definitely has its own mindset on how to solve the problems. Given their historical background, Democrats would like to see more government control with more enhanced protection and laws on control of firearms. They are of the belief that assault weapons that belong in the theater of war should not be on American streets. They believe that the problem is with the people, and that increased background checks as well as enhanced mental health evaluation is more than just a good idea, but quite clearly necessary. The Republican Party To say the very least, the Republican Party has quite a different opinion as to what they see is the perfect way to solve this problem. They do convey the fact that mental health evaluation and background checks do seem like a good idea, but they stick to their historical background of small government and say that gun regulation is too big to deal with nationally and that the 2nd Amendment to the United States MUST be protected no matter what. STOP, JUST STOP PLEASE! THE SECOND AMENDMENT TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION The Amendment Reads:
AMENDMENT II: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. SO A WELL REGULATED MILITIA IS THE SAME THING AS NORMAL EVERYDAY CITIZENS, WIELDING AK-47s?? Well, to say that a conservative way to read the Constitution is an understatement....ANYWHO, BACK TO WHAT WE CAN DO! SO WHAT'S THE MIDDLE GROUND? Well, it does seem that there is some leeway in both perspectives, as the background checks and mental health evaluation is mostly agreed upon by most representatives of each individual party. An approach to fix this problem would be one, concentrated towards the People, not so much the policy. This is an egregious thought process, I will get into that but let's play with this. Hint: this isn't going to end well... The PROBLEM Background checks and mental health evaluations are always good at its base, and I'm definitely not advocating for them not to happen. I'm just saying it's not going to be such a easy solution for this problem. 75% of all gun-related crimes in the United States are conducted by firearms not purchased legally, or accounted for with registration. Without more political, federal control, background checks will only keep people willing to obey the law out. How would that solve crime. People who disobey the law, WILL DISOBEY THE LAW TO HAVE DONE WHAT THEY WISH. Aurora, Colorado: 10+ killed, 50+ injured Tucson, AZ: 18 shot, 6 killed Newtown, Connecticut 26 killed
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