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Josh Stegmaier

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Hermes

Hermes The Messenger God The Messenger God Hermes has wings on his sandals and is the quickest of all Greek gods. Therefore he is the messenger god God Hermes Hermes, the herald of the Olympian gods, is the son of Zeus and the Nymph Maia, daughter of Atlas and one of the Pleiades. The Messenger God Being the messenger of Gods, Hermes is known as a Psychopomp. It is his duty to guide the souls of the dead down to the underworld.
He is also closely connected with bringing dreams to mortals. Liberator It was Hermes who liberated Io, the lover of Zeus, from the hundred-eyed giant Argus. He had been ordered by Hera, the jealous wife of Zeus, to watch over her.
Hermes charmed the giant with his flute, and while Argos slept Hermes cut off his head and released Io. Liberator Hermes is also the god of guard dogs, those that guarded the herds and those that protected houses and shrines. Strengths & abilities Hermes is extremely strong he can lift 35 tons, just like superman.
Hermes has not aged since he reached adulthood.
He is immune to harm from convectional means of injury.
He also cant suffer from any earthly diseases. Strength & abilities He is the fastest of all Olympian Gods whether it is running or flying.
He can run on land at supersonic speeds up to 770 mph, just under the speed of sound.
He is capable at flight up to just below the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second. Additional Facts Height: 5'11
Weight: 520 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde Zeus
Hermes' Father Nymph Maia
Hermes' Mother Hermes is a god of transitions and boundaries. He is quick and cunning, just like superman. Hermes can move freely between the worlds. Psychopomp Hundred eyed gaint Argus Focus The greek God Hermes is like the greek superman.
He guards and protects people, he can fly, run very fast, and also is very strong, just like superman.
Hermes shows up in the Roman pantheon under the name Mercury. He handsome young man with a winged hat, winged sandals, and a golden staff twined with serpents.
Clever, bold, determined, athletic, a powerful magician.
He invented the instrument the lyre, from a turtle shell. He can charm monsters with his flute or lyre music.
That symbol you always see in hospitals with the staff and interwoven snakes, that is his staff.
He is the most popular god because he was playful, helpful, and innocent.
He helped nurture the god of wine Dionysus when he was a baby. Mission Impossible ? Hermes can do things that you may think are impossible. Some things even seem far fetched. In fact both heroes tend to surprise people with their actions and abilities.
In this video it proves that Hermes was capable of amazing things since birth. Hermes By: Josh Stegmaier Teacher: Ms. Flis Date: Thursday May 30th 2013 The Messenger God Liberator THANK YOU !!!! Quiz 1. Who did I compare Hermes to throughout my presentation?

2. Who is Hermes' father and Mother?

3. How many tons can Hermes lift?

4. How much did this plump fellow weigh?

5. How fast could Hermes run?
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(b) 2mph
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