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katrina chang

on 24 October 2015

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Transcript of Japan


Japanese Yen is very different from regular american money. This type of money is called Yen, the bills and coins are different, some of the coins have holes some don't but the coins says how much it is like 100 or 500 yen.
A japanese sport is called sumo wrestling, sumo wrestling is a kind of wrestling that
big overweight men fighting each other for entertainment just like in America except there are overweight men wrestling instead of regular men.
Japanese Food
Japanese Yen
Japanese Clothing
Japanese Sports
Japanese Music
Japanese music is very soft and different from regular American music. There are traditional and some non-traditional music. There are 4 types of traditional music and they are Biwa hoshi, Heike hoshi.moso,and goze, a instrument that japnese people played was a Taiko. A Taiko is a type of drum that comes in many sizes, the Taiko has been particularly popular. The Taiko"s music is based on a variety of folk and festival music.
Japanese Flag
The japanese flag has a big red dot and the background is all white. The red dot is representing the sun in japanese the flag is called Nisshoki.
Mount Fuji
Princess Masako
Princess Masako was born on December 9, 1963 in Tokyo, princess Masako thought about being a veterinarian. She was a star athlete, and instrumental in organizing her high school's girl's softball team. Masako has twin sisters named Reiko and Setsuko, she married the prince named Prince Naruhito, she is still alive now.
Mount Fuji is located on Honshu Island, and is Japan"s tallest mountain. Mount Fuji is a symbol of Japan, lots of people have dreamed of climbing Mount Fuji, in the early 19th century some people couldn"t climb all the way to the top so those people would make a mini Mount Fuji, that is called a Fujizuka.
There are many kinds of Japanese foods in Japan such as, different kinds of noodles,Japanese people eat rice but also make these types of rice balls they are called onigiri. Japanese people also eat sushi which is made from nori (seaweed), they would pack their lunches in a container, the lunch is mostly inspired by any kind of cartoon character like Mario or Pokemon they are very detailed and are called bento boxes. Japanese sweets, some japanese sweets are dangos, taiyaki, mochi, mochi icecream, and many more.
that's a lot of money
Yummy !!!
What Japanese people wear is very different from our clothes, they are called Kimonos there is one for boys and girls there are many different designs and colors to wear. If you wear a Kimono it will be wrapped on your body maybe several times to complete the Kimono it holds. tight with a sash and a wide obi.
Pretty Kimono !!!
let's eat already !!!!!
very interesting !!
Japanese Celebration/ Festivals
A Japanese festival is called the Sapporo Snow Festival. This festival is held in February, japanese people go outside and build large snow sculptures and lots of other things to do also during that festival like concerts and other events.
Why should you visit Japan ?
let"s go to Japan !!!!!!!
Hello, Today we will be learning about Japan, and introducing the Food, Money, Clothing, The Sports, Music, Flag, Mount Fuji, Princess Masako, and Why should you visit ? Japan is on the continent of Asia,Tokyo is the capital of Japan. This country is near the North Pacific Ocean.
People should visit Japan because everything is different from the things we have in America like the food onigiris those are different from regular rice the rice sticks together. The entertainment,money,clothing,Flag,and holidays/festivals. Japan could be a very interesting place to travel to. For most travelers.
Princess Masako !
Bento Box
Bento Box
2 types of dangos
Mochi and Mochi icecream
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