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Manuela Burbano

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

rocket engeenering specialist:
Pumpkin suit: by Nasa
Will be used for the launching and the re-entry
Surprisingly, the atmosphere of Saturn and Earth are very different.
The gases that make Saturn such as hydrogen and helium are not in Earth and vice versa.
Design manager: Manuela Burbano
This is a "high-altitude aircraft pressure suit""
This suit will help you survive
We will use the microphones to explore the planet and still talk to each other.
We will invent codes for some things that are found in the planet so that the astronauts can communicate each other in an easier way.
Apollo A7L
This suit will be used for the exploration that we will do in Saturn
Two pair of boots: Inside, in Saturn
Gloves: protect hands, fingertip sensations
At nigth you will see thousands of stars in Saturns heaven

Use of special telescopes to see the most far away stars in the deep of the cosmos

Explore the 62 moons of Saturn and their 9 rings

Take amazing pictures of the stars and send them to your friends in the Earth

Visit TITAN the biggest moon of Saturn and stay 2 days


While it has a gaseous environment, it is important the use of special equipment to walk

It is a very windy athmospehere so need of special clothes is a must


The rings are part of destroyed moons million of years ago. The most known moons are: Pandora, Prometheus, Pan, Atlas

Saturn is the sixth planet distance form the Sun. It is the second larger planet of the Solar System after Jupiter.
. Wind speed on Saturn can reach 1,800 km/h. Saturn has a ring system with 9 rings .
Saturn has 62 moons, of which 53 have name. The biggest moon is TITAN, and is the only moon that has atmosphere.
It is known as “gas giant” planet with a lack of surface but not entirely gaseous.
It has  a small rocky core surrounded by hydrogen and  helium


Activities on Saturn

Main characteristics:

Synthetic and confortable fields
Realistis environment
State of the art equipment
The refeeres will be tha main “stars” of paintball
Adequate temperature conditions


By: Renato Lopez

Rocket engineering specialist:

Astronauts daily schedual on space

People can lose muscle mass and bone density,
problem of various types of radiation exposed
Also its very difficult to digest food, boredom, cabin fever and muscle atrophy and lack of oxygen.
Now with the technology today astronauts have equipment and adequate rutines that can face this problems rapidly.

challenges travelers face in space:

A spacecraft took about 3 years and 2 months to reach the ringed planet of Saturn.
Saturn is very far away. How long it takes to travel anywhere depends on how far you want to go and how fast you move.

How long in Earth days or years will it take to get to Saturn?

Mantian a diet and have to do lots of exercise to maintain their muscules healthy and in order
they eat sufficient calories and have adequate vitamin D during a four to six month mission are able to maintain bone in most regions of their body healthy and stable.
Astronauts can posibly lose muscle mass and bone density scince there is no gravity and they don’t have to support their weight
astronauts have typically lost up to 0.4 -1% of their bone density per month in space.
Astronauts that stay on space for 6 months are required to do at leat 2 hours of exercise

What important activities do you need to do in space to maintain good health?

a space ship sports resort in which passangers enjoy activities and have obligatory hours of sports so they cant damage their bones or body skills and muscules.
on the rocket each passanger will have its own equipment to help him or her self during the trip, also there are people that help passangers on their difficulties while traveling on space.
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