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Prezi FAQ

Find out more about Prezi and learn how to make business presentations with Prezi. Get our Prezi eBook today: www.jim-harvey.com/prezi-for-professionals

Hannah Jones

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Prezi FAQ

What is it?
Who is it for?
A presentation tool that makes telling your story more exciting, engaging and impressive.
Anyone who needs to impress,
persuade or intrigue an audience.
Is it any good?
But a good Prezi, which follows our
golden rules, can make an audience
sit up and take notice better than
anything else.
How do I learn
to use it?

Our eBook, Prezi for Professionals shows
you how to use Prezi to tell great stories;
to inspire your audience; and to stand out
from the crowd.
What is Prezi
for Professionals?
Our best-selling eBook written to help you to design and deliver great presentations with Prezi.
Click on the question you want answering, or use the arrows below to watch the presentation.
Is it better than
But if you have time to craft memorable
visuals, Prezi will give you more freedom
and creativity.
Find out more:
Prezi is simply a different tool to PowerPoint or Keynote.
PowerPoint is great for the simple presentation you have little time to prepare for.
A bad Prezi is much worse than a bad PowerPoint or Keynote.
That's where we come in- we wrote the book on how to use Prezi professionally
Presentations are what we do, and we've been using Prezi for over four years now.
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