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Hero's Journey in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

No description

henry spyke

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Hero's Journey in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Hero in His Ordinary World
At the beginning of the movie, Harry Potter is shown in his ordinary world which is living with his uncles, Vernon and Petunia and their son Dudley. Harry is clearly unhappy with his current environment. He does not have his own bedroom he is living underneath a staircase, his uncles make him do most of the chores such as cooking, and Harry is often threatened with punishments. Harry's uncles go to great lengths in order to prevent Harry from attending Hogwarts or even having the knowledge the magic exists.They try to prevent messenger owls, from giving Harry his letter of acceptance into Hogwarts, and they even go to the great extent of moving residence in order to prevent the owls from delivering the letter.
Refusing The call to Adventure
The refusal to the call of adventure is not done by the hero himself. It is Harry's uncles that refuse the call to adventure by actually trying to prevent Harry from receiving the call by not allowing him to open the letters sent to him from Hogwarts. The refusal of the call does eventually escalate to drastic measures, such as moving to a shack on a island to prevent the letter from coming.
The Call to Adventure
The call to adventure is made after Harry and his uncles have moved to a deserted lighthouse in order to avoid receiving more letters from Hogwarts. It is there that Hagrid pays them a visit and tells Harry that he is a wizard and that he has already been admitted into Hogwarts the school of wizardry. This is when Harry first learns about the existence of magic.
Seizing the Reward
Harry's reward after surviving the ordeal is having defeated Voldemort and not allowed him to gain the Sorcerer's Stone therefore preventing him from returning anytime soon. This is beneficial to Harry since Voldemort poses as a major threat to him. The reward benefits the hero both in the ordinary world and the wizard world since he is now safer.
Meeting the mentor
Hargrid offers both knowledge and emotional support for Harry. He is the first one to tell Harry that he is a wizard and also acts as a guide by helping Harry cross the threshold into the magic world and telling him details on how he and Voldemort are related. Hagrid also provides crucial information that helps Harry and his friends figure out about the Sorcerer's Stone.
Crossing the Threshold
Harry crosses the threshold when he enters first enters Diagon Alley. It is there were Harry first sees what the true wizard world looks like. Harry gets his wand sees others wizards go to Gingots bank and truley does start and commit to his journey of learning the art of wizardry.
Test,Allies, and Enemies
Harry encounters various tests that challenge both his wits and wizardry skills. One of the major tests he goes through is facing the troll. During this test Harry and Ron help Hermionie's when she is cornered by the troll in the girls bathroom. Harry's wand is taken away causing him to relay on Ron to save him. Ron then uses a spell to cause the trolls club to hit the troll on the head. This test serves to bring the three friends closer together.
The Supreme Ordeal
The Ordeal is when Harry confronts Professor Quirrell and discovers that he is allied with Voldemort. After Professor Quirrell confesses that he is allied with Voldemort he forces Harry to look into the Mirror of Erised (a mirror that shows a person's innermost desires), Harry is then able to gain possession of the Sorcerer's Stone. Voldemort then ask Harry for an alliance with him in exchange for the stone. Harry refuses, causing Voldemort to instruct Quirrell to attack Harry. Harry's life is in danger when Voldemort's soul passes right through him as he leaves without the stone after Quirrell has been defeated.
Harry's resurrection is when he wakes up at the hospital after he having barely survived the ordeal. Harry can now be seen as a stronger person and better wizard. Harry has also now been exposed to real danger, making him a more experienced individual and he also now has the knowledge of how defeating Voldemort can be.
The Road Back
Harry's road back is when he is leaving Hogwarts because it is the end of the school year. He is returning to his ordinary world but with a better perspective of i, now that he has endured all of his challenges.
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