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History of Baseball Bats

By: Lexi & Suleima

Lexi Slavik

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of History of Baseball Bats

By: Lexi & Suleima History of Baseball Bats. The baseball bat has become one of the most important things for baseball/softball. The invention from a wooden bat, to the aluminum bat was a success. John Hillerich invented
the baseball bat Timeline of Baseball bats The baseball bat was invented, so that baseball players could have a way of hitting the baseball. They used the bat to hit the ball, and then score the runs. So the coach thought that a smaller, skinnier bat would be easier to hit with for hours at a time. The coaches thought that the baseball bat was to heavy to swing for hours at a time. -John Hillerich made the first Louisville Slugger in 1884.
-John Hillerich was only 17 when he made the first bat.
-He would make more and more bats that were stronger for Pete Browning, becasue his bats kept breaking during games. History of Baseball Bats
By: Lexi & Suleima In the 1850's, players made their own bats. Wooden baseball bats were made in 1884 Aluminum bats were madearound 1970 This is a picture of Hillerich.
( the guy who invented the baseball bat .) In 1884, a player named Pete broke his wooden baseball bat. Thats why they now invented the aluminum baseball bat. That is 1 reason of how the wooden baseball bat has gotten smaller through time. 1800's Middle 1800's 1900's Middle 1900's 2000's 2012 PROS CONS Easy way to
hit a baseball Some people will
use a baseball bat
the wrong way.
Ex: Being harmful
to another person.
Smashing someones
car or windows, etc. Some bats make
a baseball or
softball go really
far. Some baseball bats
break really easily. PROS CONS Easy to hit
a baseball. People use
baseball bats
for the wrong
Ex: some people
use baseball
bats for harm on
other people or
things Some bats
are really
strong, so
they don't
easily. PROS CONS Easy way to hit a

Some bats are very
strong, and you dont
need a new bat very
often. Some bats are very weak,
and you need a new bat
every so often.

Some people will use a bat
for the wrong reasons.
Example: Some people will
use a bat to make harm
against other people or
objects. THE END!!!!!!!!!
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