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Agency of / Approaches to Change - F15

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Shara Stone

on 5 December 2015

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Transcript of Agency of / Approaches to Change - F15

Can YOU make a difference?
Hegel: opposing forces; thesis/antithesis=conflict, seek resolution thru synthesis
Marx: change driven by conflict between social classes; dependent on lower class intolerance; hegemony
Kuhn: people will resist leaving existing paradigm until new, better one presented
Heraclitus: change is constantly occurring
Dao: change is natural, harmonious, steady
Fresco: world is rich in resources; application of intelligence required for change
Melucci: submerged ideas nurture new ideas/experimentation leading to change
Reeler: change=interrelationship of emergent, transformational, projectable

Theories of Change
Block/McKnight/Born: change=community transformation

Freire: oppression/education=impetus for change; driven from within communities

Henry/Tator: Anti-racist education=power/privilege; changing systemic/institutional/organizational policies/practices that reinforce racial bias/inequality
Block, Friere, A/R
Change is transformative
Shift focus from need/deficiency
Examine "stuckness"
defy fear/fault of neo-liberalism
Focus on restoration, accountability,
Recognize/own/exercise power --> choice
understand/acknowledge privilege
Examine possibilities/gifts
Act to bring margin to center
Attend to structure, gathering, conversing
Exercise empathy/critical thinking
Examine questions/assumptions
Choose depth/relatedness over efficiency
Recognize power to change located with people not "experts"
Reexamine "action"

Agent of Change?
In small groups, discuss the question:
- In your lifetime, what has changed?
Agency of change
- technology
- medicine/health care
- lifestyle
- recreation
- environment
- social change
- human rights
- industry


Ditto machine to photocopier
UHF to cable to satellite
Theatre to VHS to DVD to BlueRay to NetFlix
Dial phones to touch tone to digital to hand held to cell phones
Snail mail to courier to facsimile to email
"Fred" to PC to portable computer to laptop to netbook (IBM 1980 announcement)
Chalk boards/flipchart paper to overhead projectors to computerized presentations/whiteboards
Keyboard to mouse to voice-activated typing
35mm camera to polaroid to cartridge cameras to disposable to digital
X-Ray to CT Scan to MRI
Manual typewriter to electric to electric/correction to electric/5 character memory to...

"BIG C" = death to managing cancer
Advent of AIDS
AIDS = death to AIDS and life
X-Ray to CT Scan to MRI
Glasses to bifocals to glasses with bifocals to laser surgery
Growth of Vaccines
Heart/organ transplants
Diet/exercise industry
Increased accountability for patient care (ie Red Cross/AIDS)
Anti-biotic resistant bacteria
Steroids in food = evolutionary change?

Women's Rights...

get married after HS to >50% of university students
low to no rep in sciences/engineering to equal in sciences & increasing in engineering
laughter in HofC re IPV to mandatory charging, shelters, govt/comm coord cttes
0 discussion of CSA to laws penalizing practitioners
meager discussion of CA to mandatory reporting
rape = sexual act to rape = violent crime
intercourse = baby + responsibility to control of reproduction

Civil/Human Rights

increased respect for diversity vs contempt for difference
greater rep in employment - use Bay Street as ref point
increasing rep in university/college
OHRC, Charter of Rights & Freedoms
institutionalization of mentally ill to deinstitutionalization & homelessness
LGBTQ in closet to Gay Pride Day
invisibility to visibility of people with disabilities
Lord’s Prayer in school to religious freedom
BNA Act to Canadian Constitution
British emblems to Canadian Flag
no public accountability for police violence to SIU
Black comm uprising re police violence, brutality & murder
few/no refugees to Vietnamese boat people to active encouragement to access refugee status


Anti-Smoking lobby
smoking everywhere to no smoking at work, on transit, in theaters, bars, restaurants to personal vehicles
destruction of tobacco industry
Gas guzzling NA cars to fuel efficient, longer lasting Japanese/Asian vehicles
drove Big 3 to develop cars differently
World acceptance/tolerance of Apartheid to economic sanctions, corporate boycotts to destruction of companies doing business in SA (ie Bata) to destruction of Apartheid
no penalty for drinking/driving to MADD, fines, criminal charges, license suspensions, vehicular impoundment
no seat belts to mandatory seat belts with fines
text & drive to penalties to severe penalties
Advent of fast foods...
Tim Hortons, McDonalds
Theories of Change
In small groups, discuss:
-What does change mean to you?
- Why do you think people/communities change?
- What would be necessary for change to occur?
Michael Jackson:
Man in the Mirror
My lifetime
Baby boomers...
Leading edge
Trailing edge
--> 1960
World Stage
End of cold war/nuclear threat
Advent of war on drugs/terrorism
Fall of Berlin Wall/Break-up of Soviet Union
Creation of European Economic Union, NAFTA
Advent of Globalization
Emergence of Japan, China as major players
Watergate/Nixon resignation
Rise & fall of Augusto Pinochet (Chile), Manuel Noriega (Panama), Emmanuel/Imelda Marcos (Philippines),
2 gulf wars, Panama, Grenada, Vietnam
Cuban Missile Crisis
Assassinations of John & Ted Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, John Lennon
Perfect 10's for Nadia Comaneci
First quad for Kurt Browning in FS
Wedding, separation, divorce, death, funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales
Trudeau mania
Montreal Olympics/Olympic lottery
Tienanmen Square
Civil Rights/Kent State
IRA, PLO redefined
community building 101 - Freedom Writers
Reeler (2009)
Emergent change
- no community static; occurs over time
Transformative change
- grounded in crisis
Projective change
- planned and organized
Greg McElligott (2015) - Professor
Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Three questions...

Are things okay around me? Elsewhere?

If yes... Time for...
Are things okay for some but not all?

Time for...
Are things fundamentally bad for all?

Time for...
TedTalks: Brene Brown
"The Power of Vulnerability"
TedTalks: Brene Brown
"Listening to Shame"
Reeler, D. (2007) A three-fold theory of social change. Community Development Resource Association
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