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CAST Benchmarking Services

No description

Alexandra Szynkarski

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of CAST Benchmarking Services


Easily set up Appmarq account
Connect to application Central Base through the web portal
Fill in quick survey to understand scope of application being uploaded
Access to detailed benchmarking reports per application
Possibility of benchmarking portfolio of applications at once
Access to overall industry trends on software health

Data remains 100% anonymous Review Results How does it work? 6 Reporting Benchmarking Reports Key Benefits Appmarq at a glance Web portal - reliable, 100% anonymous, and secure:
Easy connection to Central Base in AIP to automatically generate structural quality benchmarking reports
Benchmarks available across large range of industries and technologies
Views & reporting include: Box Plots, Quality Characteristic Benchmarks across Industry Type and Technology Group, Violation Benchmarks across Technology Group, Technical Debt Value Benchmark across Technology Group Appmarq is:
CAST's application structural quality benchmarking database
Secure, reliable, accessible 24/7

Research-Based, Objective Analysis
Database contains application structural quality metrics coming from real-world critical business applications currently in operation
Objective benchmarking analyses are automatically generated across a wide range of industries, technologies, and geographies CAST Benchmarking Services Overview How is it used? Key principles SAM-101
Software Analysis and Measurement Benchmark your business applications against comparable industry data
Compare application health factors, violations, rules, and technical debt
Automatic report analysis helps track trends in your application structural quality, and identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement
Access to the latest global trends in the structural quality of business applications software across different domains, technologies, and sizes. CAST Benchmarking
Services Provides executives with the latest industry information needed to determine whether the structural quality of their applications are best in class Application Categorization
and Scope Connect to Applications Before launching the Benchmarking Report, you will need to connect to your applications and define the scope. This is down with the Data Compiler Tool, available directly through the Appmarq Portal.
Connect to your Applications using the Data Compiler Tool
Fill in JDBC Driver, Database URL, Schema Name, Username and Password for CB connection.
Fill in the survey to define the scope of the applications
This will allow us to understand which Industry your applications belong to
Upload Applications into Appmarq
The Data Compiler Tool generates a zipped file that can be uploaded though the Appmarq Portal Make sure to fill in the correct application Industry & Technology Structural Quality Risk
and Technical Debt START Create Workspace Your company specific workspace will be created on Appmarq Portal. To create your company workspace go to
www.appmarq.com Generate Benchmarks Once the scope defined and applications have been uploaded to Appmarq, it is possible to start benchmarking
Your applications are available for benchmarking within 15 minutes of the upload
Benchmarks are generated directly through the Appmarq Portal, with a click of the button
Reports can be easily shared and are saved on Appmarq company account World's Largest Structural Quality Benchmarking Database What is inside Appmarq? What is it? Features 4 Unique Attributes Benchmarking Services www.appmarq.com Structural Quality Metrics: Appmarq contains application structural quality metrics as opposed to project/program metrics like cost, effort, and schedule. Automated Data Generation: Appmarq data are generated via objective automated analysis of applications as opposed to subjective surveys. Real-World Applications: Appmarq data is from real-world business applications currently in operation. Diverse Data Set: Appmarq contains structural quality data across a wide range of industry sectors, technologies, and geographies. Application Quality Data
from CAST AIP Central Benchmarking
Database Application Source Code Analysis Application Source Code Analysis Across Industies

Across Technologies

Across Development

Across Shoring &
Sourcing Type

Across Application
Domain Inside the Appmarq Repository Application Quality Characteristics: Robustness, Performance, Security, Changeability, Total Quality Index
Compliance Factors: Documentation, Architecture, Coding Standards
Size: Functional Size (function points), Technical Size (KLOC, No of Object, No of Artifacts)
Technology Stack: Front end, middle tier, backend
Rule Level Details: Violations per Rule for each Quality Characteristic
Object Level Details: Comment Rate, Cyclomatic Complexity Rate, etc.
Demographics: Industry, Functional domain, Extent of In-house/Outsourced, Extent of Onshore/Offshore, Vendors, Geography, No of Developers, Age of Application... Data
Snapshot 1,200+ Applications
160+ Companies
350+ million lines of code Benchmarking Industry
Trends Why Appmarq? What does this all mean?

How good or bad are our metrics?

What is the industry standard? Go Beyond Measurement Application Assessment Industry Monitoring Follow industry trends Watch the numbers of applications in Appmarq grow year per year

Detect and track trends in industry, and identify the factors that affect them Take your AIP scores to the next level Business Process Benchmark Application quality models analyzed
Application key drivers compared to market space Understand key factors contributing to low/medium/high scores Identify strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement
Reduce Risks - Control Costs - Improve Productivity
Gain insight into Vendor Performance
Make application portfolio level decisions
Set specific individual and organizational goals 1 2 3 Size Category Distribution Industry Segment Distribution Technology Group Distribution Quality Characteristic Benchmarks Violation Density Benchmarks Technical Debt Formula ($ / LOC) Technical Debt Benchmarks
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