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No description

U Al Wahaibi

on 29 November 2015

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Transcript of ClinicalTrials.gov


Done by:
Umaima Al Wahaibi
What are Clinical Trials?
are research studies that explore whether a medical strategy, treatment, or device is safe and effective for humans.
What are clinical trials ?
What is ClinicalTrial.gov?
Who can use ClinicalTrial.gov?
What can we find in ClinicalTrial.gov?
What is ClinicalTrial.gov ?
Studies listed in the website are conducted in the U.S.A and 185 other countries.
A website that provide easy access to information on clinical studies conducted around the world.
Who can use ClinicalTrials.gov?
What can I find in ClinicalTrials.gov?
What can I do in ClinicalTrials.gov?
To conclude :
Thank You

Questions ?
NIH and the Food and Drug Administration worked together to develop this site which was released in February 2000.
Locations of registered studies
Patients or their family members.
Clinical Study Protocols
Clinical Study Results
2- links to online health resources.
1- Presents summaries of:
Find and view clinical studies.
Use site tool and data.
Manage study records.
Learn more about clinical research.
Health care professionals.
Find and view clinical studies.
Use site tool and data.
Manage study records.
Learn more about clinical research.
Strengths and limitations
-Demonstration and Exercises
Readers of the medical literature .
Study record mangers.
What is the difference between a clinical study and a clinical trial?
keyword + keyword + Detail #1 + Detail#2
= How many studies?
-No registration nor personal identification required.
-Provide helpful instruction.

-Multiple ways to search for a topic.
- Up to date information
-Include links to PubMed and MedLinePLUS.
- Not all completed studies include the result in the study record.
- One language only
Done by:
Umaima Al Wahibi, Safa Al Nabhani, Munira Al Zabbi, Arwa Al Siyabi, Badriya Al Qanubi, Haitham Al Abri
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