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Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

No description

Bianca Gambina

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson
The New Girl - Heather from Ohio
Heather just moved to Syracuse, New York from Ohio and the first person she meets is Melinda Sordino. Heather and Melinda are completely opposites because heather is pretty, fun, happy, and likes to get involved while Melinda is a drone, she's always depressed and never finds the good in anything. The only reason why Heather is friends with Melinda at first is because she didn't really know anyone and Melinda was the first person to say hi to her. Heather becomes Melinda's only friend and tries to get Melinda more involved, so she makes her join a new club with her, the Marthas. As the year goes by and things were going great for Heather, Melinda was slowly fading away just like their friendship.
Andy Evans aka My Worst Nightmare
"It feels like the Prince of Darkness has swept his cloak over the table. The lights dim. Andy stands behind me."

In the novel, Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson, Melinda Sordino, is an outcast and a nobody with barely any friends. She attends MerryWeather High school in Syracuse, New York entering the ninth grade and struggles through the entire year facing many issues. Melinda was never considered a loser but ever since the previous summer everything's changed. It was rumored that summer she called the cops at Kyle Rodgers end of summer party for an unknown reason. Everyone hates her for doing that because some teens got in trouble and sent to jail. Even Melinda's best friend, (ex- best friend now) Rachel Bruin, turned on her and hates her for it. Melinda's home life isn't any better, her parents could care less about how dramatically she's changed from a normal girl to a mute.
Climax & Conflict
"IT found me again..."
"Art is where you can find your soul, if you dare." -PG 10
Mr. Freeman is the art teacher and is very passionate about art. He wants to get the students involved and make them look past everything and really use their creativity in his class. Throughout the book Mr.Freeman wants Melinda to use her creativity to try and find her inner voice. The art room is where Melinda struggles to find herself in each piece of artwork they do. Especially in her project on trees, which she worked on all year. Throughout the year the trees started to symbolize Melinda and how with each branch she drew she began to develop her voice as the tree developed
Andy Evans is Melinda's worst nightmare. Andy is the most popular senior at Merryweather High School and could have any girl he wants. Despite Andy's good looks and the fact that he's rich, it's been said that he is dangerous. It's rumored that he'll do anything with anybody and he loves to torture the new freshman. Melinda had met Andy before high school and she wishes that she never met him, because if she didn't maybe she'd be her normal self again.
What Actually Happened
Rachel Bruin
"I can't believe she was my best friend."
In the book, Speak, the climax is where Melinda comes face to face with IT again but this time during school instead of at a high school party. Also in the book are three types of conflicts that occur.
Character vs. Self- Melinda has to deal with what happened over the summer. She also has to find a way for IT not to bother her anymore.
Character vs. Society- Melinda has to deal with having no friends and everybody at school thinking she's a freak.
Character vs. Character- Melinda's main conflict is with one person who caused all the drama, and she had to learn how to get away from it.
Rachel Bruin was Melinda's best friend, but ever since the summer party Rachel hated Melinda for calling the cops and hardly ever talks to her. During the school year Melinda and Rachel make small talk but Rachel usually ignores her. As Melinda is left alone with no friends, Rachel moved on to become friends with the foreign exchange student Greta/Ingrid. She even had a new boyfriend, Andy Evans. At the end of the book Melinda comes out and tells Rachel everything that happened at the summer party, but at first Rachel doesn't believe her because she thinks Melinda is jealous and made everything up about Andy. In the end Rachel forgives Melinda and is completely sorry she never believed her.
It all started the summer before entering the ninth grade. Melinda Sordino attended a high school party with her best friend Rachel. During the party Melinda became drunk and something extremely terrible and horrifying happened to her that no one will believe. Melinda became very scared so she decided to call the police about the party. Meanwhile everyone, including Rachel, thought she called the cops on the kids illegally drinking or to just stop the party and from that moment they were beyond angry at her. What everyone didn't know was that Melinda had something traumatizing happen to her that night. So during the entire school year Melinda was bullied for being the girl who called the cops and she struggled to stand up for herself and "Speak."
The People Who "Care"
Melinda's home life wasn't any better than the on she had at school. At home Melinda's family was far from normal, her parents only acted like they liked each other for her sake. even when Melinda went through her major crisis her parents couldn't care less they just ignored her. It didn't even phase her parents when Melinda went from a normal girl to a weird mute, they just acted like nothing was wrong. So basically Melinda was always ignored whether it was at home or in school, nobody cared about her.
Prezi By: Bianca Gambina
As the tree developed so did Melinda
"IT found me again, i thought I could ignore IT..." pg- 86
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