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Educational Psychology

Autism and PECS

Alecxis DuMond

on 5 December 2010

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Transcript of Educational Psychology

Autism and PECS What is Autism? delays in... communication social interaction Repetitive Patterns &
Obessesion with
Interests What is PECS? Picture
System Helps initiate requests
& describe for non-verbal
children Aided form of

6 Phases 6 Phases 1- Request Item
(Teach the Exchange) 2- Spontaneously
an item 3- Discriminating
between Pictures 4- Building sentence
Structure 5- Respond
to verbal
questions 6- Commenting
w/out assistance Whats so great
about PECS? 1. its affordable
(Little or no cost
for the schools) 3. Easy to
incorporate into
every day lives 2. increased organized &
spontaneous speech 4. Helps decrease
misbehavior Parents need to
stick with this
at home Misbehavior can often
be away for children with autism to communicate
their needs.
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