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Behind The Veil

No description

Z Chef

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Behind The Veil

Behind The Veil
The Media's Veil
War on Terrorism

Spreading Democracy

Freedom of Religion

Liberating Oppressed

Evolution of Clothing

Uncovered Uncivilized

Modern Women's Dress
2008 American Psychological Association (APA) reports on oppressive "Sexualization of Girls" in the media.

“Organized religious and other ethical instruction can offer girls important practical and psychological alternatives to the values conveyed by popular culture.”(APA)

Modest dress allows a woman to be judged based on her intellect, rather than her sex appeal.

Political Controversy
Secularism Negates Religious Tolerance

Sept. 2013 BBC reports: democratic minister urging government to ban the veil in public to protect young girls freedom of choice.

Sept. 2013 Toronto Star Newspaper reports: Thousands march in multi-faith protest against a proposed ban on religious symbolism in public.

Freedom is Removed
Quebec Charter
Ponder the words of 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawwakul Karman
Covered Civilized

The veil is a symbol of religious tolerance and freedom of expression put into practice, and should be welcomed by democratic society, not vilified and banned.
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