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Unit 108 - Participating in Sport

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Scott Macdonald

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Unit 108 - Participating in Sport

Unit 108
Participating in Sport

This unit looks at why people participate in sport, where sports can take place and the skills/techniques involved with playing different sports.
Why some professional athletes got involved in Sport.
The following bubbles have quotes from 3 professional athletes about why they got involved in Sport.
To improve general Health and Fitness
Some people take part in Sport because they wish to improve their general fitness and help fight off diseases. The fitter people are, the healthier and more able to fight off disease they are.
It will also help to control body weight, so people can reach their
desired size.
Why do people take part in Sport?
Some people enjoy competing against others and trying to win. Others relax and unwind by doing things such as Yoga and Swimming. Some people join sports clubs to meet new friends and others play simply because they think it is fun!
To Enjoy Themselves
Where Can Sports Take Place?
Psychological Benefits
Sport has a variety of psychological benefits to it. It can relieve stress and help people to relax. As people feel improve in health and fitness, self esteem and confidence will also grow, making the person feel much better about themselves.
Public Grounds
Sport can be played in local places such as parks. Lots of local parks have tennis courts, basketball courts, football pitches etc.
The Leisure Sector
Local councils could provide sports and leisure facilities for their residents. For example a local leisure centre such as Garons or Basildon Sporting Village. These are often subsidised by the local council for their residents, and give them a place to relax and enjoy themselves.
As well as this you get private Health Clubs and Gyms, such as David Lloyd's and Virgin Active providing facilities for a cost.
The Education Sector
Schools must provide sports lessons and facilities for their pupil as part of the national curriculum. This encourages young people to play Sport. On top of this, Colleges and Universities may provide facilities to their students to encourage them to keep fit, and to boost their social skills.
Youth/Church Groups
Youth clubs, church groups and other such voluntary organisations and groups provide facilities for the people that attend to enjoy themselves and make new friends when attending. This could be simply playing games in a hall to organised fixtures against other groups.
The Professional Sector
This provides high class facilties for elite athletes to train and perform. This could include professional clubs, national or regional centres of excellence, or even national stadiums. The aim of this is to help talented athletes to achieve their full potential.
Jessica Ennis-Hill

World Champion at Heptathlon
European Champion
Gold Medal Winner at London 2012
I took up heptathlon as I enjoyed the variety of different sports and competing with other people. I enjoy sport and trying to beat the other athletes and be the best.

David Beckham

115 England Caps
Played for some of the worlds biggest clubs.

As a child I had tremendous energy levels so played a variety of different sports with my friends at school for fun. But from the moment I kicked a ball there was only one thing I wanted to be. I loved playing football and spending time practicing free kicks with my dad.

Lewis Hamilton
Former F1 World Champion

As a child I saw it on TV and was hooked instantly. I knew that was what I wanted to do, and everytime I raced I wanted to go faster and faster.
Skills and Techniques
Think about what a skill is, and what a technique is. What is the difference between them?
A skill is something that you can learn and use to achieve a task. For example, passing a football or catching a frisbee.
A technique is a way of performing a skill. For example, passing the ball with the inside of the foot, or playing a forehand shot in tennis.
Watch these videos and see if you can identify the skills and techniques that the athletes use.
See how the Pros do it!
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