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Josh Hamilton - Christian leader

No description

Marlon Shepherdson

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Josh Hamilton - Christian leader

Changing his life
2 A.M, Oct 1st 2005. Josh staggered up the steps to his grandmothers house. After returning from a cocaine crawl, his once physically robust 6 '4, 108 kilogram body reduced to 81 kilograms, on the verge of death. His 3.96 million dollar signing bonus wasted on alcohol and drugs. His Grandmother gave him an ultimatum - "Do drugs again, you're out". Josh shamefully returned to his room, and made a life changing decision. He fumbled for his bible. James 4:7: "Humble yourself before God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you."
Josh Hamilton -
Christian leader

Returning to baseball
Upon turning to God, Josh returned his life back to normal, before becoming involved with drugs and alcohol. As shown in the photo across, Josh has tattooed on his shoulder a list of priorities: God, Humility, Family, Sobriety and Baseball. He began rebuilding his life and working his way back to sports, with the help and support of his family, Friends, and God.
Because of his extensive life experiences, Josh has become a mentor and leader to his teammates, friends and family to ensure they do not travel down the same path. I believe that Josh Hamilton is a great leader and person in and out of the clubhouse, with his 1st hand accounts of the power of drugs and alcohol, and also the power of the Lord.
Early career
Early life
Joshua 'Josh' Hamilton was born on May 21st 1981. He is an American professional baseball player, born in Raleigh, North Carolina. Growing up he never touched Alcohol or drugs, and sports was his ultimate passion. This is his incredible story that lead to him playing professionally. Through adversity and ultimate success, his story of returning to God and changing his life is a lesson to all.
Leadership qualities
I admire Josh Hamilton's ability to be honest and forthcoming about his troubles. As mentioned in the videos, the first thing he did after relapsing was called his wife, his team and Major League Baseball, and organise a press conference. In addition, his willingness to discuss his failures so that people may learn displays his great leadership.
Leadership qualities
Finally I feel Josh Hamilton deserves to be a leader because of his gratefulness of his success. After hitting 4 home runs in a single game, he said this: "I never hit three before in a game. When I did that, it was like, what a blessing. To hit four is an awesome feeling." He always credits God and his teammates for his success on and of the field. "Just seeing how excited my teammates were, then touching home plate and going into the dugout, the reaction from them was the best part"
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