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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

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Georgina Miles

on 19 April 2012

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Transcript of How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
To produce our digipak we used the software – ‘Fireworks’. The design of the digipak was inspired by our research into acoustic music, the song lyrics and the design of the website. It was very important to us that the design of all products look similar and carried a house colour and style throughout. And importantly, the theme of cameras and Polaroid’s were included as these were the main aspects of the song, so it was key that these had to be included.
Digipak We decided to use a picture of the artist taking a picture of something. This was because of the link with the lyrics. On the actual Polaroid that s coming out of the camera, we decided to put the artist and album title here, this was because we believed that the thing you notice first when looking at the image was the Polaroid so it was the perfect place to put these elements because they need to stand out and be seen. The font style of the titles are in a handwritten style font as it looks laidback and ‘acoustic’ like. We decided to make it black and white because it looked crisp and we have used black and white on other tasks.
Front cover Design Final front cover CD panel Back Cover 4th panel To carry on the theme of using an actual camera in the design of our digipak. We decided to use an image of a lens for the CD. Not only does it carry the theme but a lens actually does look like the silhouette of a CD so it was like an illusion to the customer. And as again, it was black and white.

For the back cover, we decided to use an image we took of the inside of a camera as we liked the idea of revealing something, and in our case, revealing song titles. The layout of the song titles went horizontal so we could fit all the titles in. As well, we used the same font styles as the front cover titles and black and white colour scheme. Another feature we added was a barcode as this is a key feature that needs to be used to fit in with the conventions of a digipak. for this panel, we have used a collage of black and white Polaroid’s of Aaron Brookes. There were a couple of reasons why we have done this. Firstly, the song title and albums called Polaroid’s, so if fitted in nicely with the overall theme. Secondly, you see Aaron Brookes journey of his music career in pictures, which is nice for ‘fans’ to see. We decided to arrange it in a scattered arrangement purely to make it less plain and more random, as if the Polaroid’s have been ‘thrown into place’. With the combination of the main task (the music video) and other media mediums such as the Digipak it made the overall product and promotion of the new artist seem professional. Website When I first started working on the website, it took a while to get use to how to use/work it and where the tools are to use it. After a while, it soon became very easy to use as tools were labelled well and just self explanatory. One of the key benefits were that the software is free to use, so now costs had to be made. Another point is that you can have as many pages as you want that already have links to and from the home page. In terms of layout, there were a variety of templates you could use and then further along to adapt or you could start from new and build and create an original design. For the website, we decided to use ‘Wix’ which is a website that enables you to create your own website for free. The reason for this choice as Wix was free, easy to use and to understand and it seemed to work well and was a popular choice amongst other media students, proving it was reliable. As well, when searched into Google ‘best interactive presentations’, on a website it was ranked 2nd so I knew it was good. I think we have used it well as we have all the conventions of what a band website has, for example, tour date information, online store for band merchandise etc. Also, I think it does look quite professional as again we have followed conventions. We made use of a lot of effects, proving that we had understanding of the software, and by using them it added a bit of originality and style. The only problems we faced was sometimes, on the school computers I couldn’t save the work that I had to done to it, it wasn’t a wix fault it was purely technology. Apart from that, and overcoming how to use it, I found it easy to use and was please with the outcome of the website. By using wix it allowed us to have links to the social networking sites that we have created, present the music video, and giving other information about the artist. http://www.wix.com/aaron_brookes/official
What was our inspiration for our digipak conept? Final digipak What's your target audience? what did you include in your youtube and twitter pages? In terms of design, we aimed to keep a continuous house style so we used the same image as the back cover for all the social networks sites. On twitter we posted latest updates and news to keep fans informed about the artist. On youtube we included videos that compliment and show the progress of the video maing and the final music video. Our targeted age is actually a wide range as everyone can understand our narrative concept. Our music genre is universal so would appeal to different ages and genders, as most can relate to the genre of music we are portraying. So our core audience for us are people who enjoy the genre of easy listening music.

Our target audiences would primarily people that enjoy nature and the outdoors or the feeling of being there by the beach or the ocean, acoustic music tends to have emotional attachments to it as many can relate to it as people can associate it with past memories or experiences they have had. The attitude of the audience that would listen to our music would be someone of a peaceful mind and kind hearted, optimistic person. Our inspiration was the genre of the song and the lyrics. the main idea we got from the lyrics was 'pictures of people taking pictures'. So, that is why the main image is someone taking a picture. and other images are related to this lyric too. + To add interest and anticipation we created a preview of the song. By doing this, it created a buzz of excitement for potential buyers of the song and video viewers...
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