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Music, Memes, & T.V.- Oh My!!!

TCSA Presentation: Make your classroom POP through the use of Pop Culture! Blaze the trail to success in academic vocabulary.

Heather Nielson

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Music, Memes, & T.V.- Oh My!!!

Presented by: Heather Nielson
A Little About Me
Academic Karaoke
You can find tons of academic karaoke songs
on youtube!
Music, Memes, & T.V.- Oh My!
-Born and raised in Texas

-Worked in Education since 1998

-4th year at Odyssey Academy in Galveston, Texas

- Obsessed with making learning fun
Finish the Lyrics

We are going to play
a little game!

A graphical representation of
an idea, often accompanied
by dry humor
Using Music in the Classroom

It is amazing how many lyrics
the brain can remember.
As educators, we should
capitalize on this by using music
to reinforce academic vocabulary.
You can use memes as part of your classroom management
Social Studies:
It's too late to apologize
Use Memes to help with Academic Vocabulary
-Students can create memes using computers or paper & markers.
Even Math can use music!
Check out this video a math
teacher made with her students!
Don't want to make a video?
Take advantage of the thousands
that already exist for ALL ages!
Ways to use Music
Class Sing-a-long - "Atoms Family"
Music Videos (watch/create)
Academic Karaoke
Music BINGO (we will play this at end of the presentation, if time permits)
According to a study done at Johns Hopkins University, Music will help students learn because it will--
•establish a positive learning state
•create a desired atmosphere
•build a sense of anticipation
•energize learning activities
•change brain wave states
•focus concentration
•increase attention
•improve memory
•facilitate a multisensory learning experience
•release tension
•enhance imagination
•align groups
•develop rapport
•provide inspiration and motivation
•accentuate theme-oriented units
•add an element of fun
Make your class POP through the use of POP CULTURE
Oh goody!!! I LOVE karaoke!
Memes are a creative safe way for
students to explore the meaning of
academic vocabulary. They provide a
visual connection to vocabulary.
T.V. / Movies
Make your students part of the Gameshow Network!
o Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
o Jeopardy
o Hollywood Squares
o Family Fued
o $$100,000 Pyramid

Use a popular movie to bring something in class to life
Ex. Use Twilight to help make Romeo & Juliet relevant (one teacher’s take):
o Romeo & Juliet compared to Twilight
o Had students choose Team Edward or Team Jacob, then create a Venn diagram of Edward/Jacob and Bella vs. Romeo and Juliet
o Had students write why they chose the team they did (Edward/Jacob); what struggle did they identify with?
o Had students pick Team Capulet/Team Montague
o Class participated in a debate


Like the idea of using film
clips in class? This site
has ideas of how to
use movie clips with
lesson plans!

• Participate in your own REALITY SHOW
o SURVIVOR WEEK!!! (Review, tribes, buffs, torches, tribal council, and tons of fun!)
o Create YouTube videos starring YOU!

o Using the songs that students have written, make a music video
o Use academic karaoke in your class

• YouTube
o Use clips of movies to engage students in what you are learning

Why knowing exponents is important
PEMDAS: Minute Physics
Starting to talk about Food Chains
• Commercial Appeal
o Have students create commercials to describe academic concepts

That's it! Now you are on your way to using POP CULTURE and improving STAAR SCORES!
Karaoke is fun and works well for Science, History, and ELA,...

But how can one possibly teach with music in MATH???
Several great resources for music on youtube are: parrmr; harrykindergarten; WHS math
Film has been used for decades as a means to connect images with the concepts being taught.
Using films helps students realize the value of what they are learning outside of the classroom and injects relevance into curriculum.
- Engaging the Adolescent Learner, April 2011

My first year of teaching I noticed the connection between kids and lyrics and decided to capitalize on it in my 8th grade science classroom, what resulted was something my students refer to as "Music BINGO"
Using iTunes to clip songs that I already had, I was able to find lyrics that could relate to the academic vocabulary the students needed for the Science TAKS & STAAR. Students had to listen carefully to the lyrics being sung and determine which academic vocabulary word could match the meaning.

For Example: "Gotta keep em' separated" (Offspring- Come Out and Play) pairs with Divergent Boundaries because they separate/pull apart;
"Come together right now, over me" (The Beatles- Come Together) pairs with Convergent Boundaries because they come together/collide and cause an uplift- often resulting in mountains.
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