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The Team in the Corner

No description

dan romeo

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Team in the Corner

The Team in the Corner What is the Problem? Purdue students go out and struggle to make it home because they can't find a sober ride. What do students do?

Students drive home drunk.
Students call a cab and pay a lot to get home.
Students fall asleep on someones floor.
Etc... What do students at other schools do?
Other schools offer rides for their students to make it home safe.
IU and CU Boulder are two examples. What is our solution?

We propose a school and student sponsored ride service that will be either run with city busses affiliated with the Nightrider or using university vans. Who have we worked with to develop our solution?

Police Department
Cab Service
Students From Universities with ride services.
Police Department
DUI and PI information Cab Service
Info Regarding cab use at night Students of other Universities
Information on their ride service
Frequency of use
Ease of use Citybus
Information regarding nightrider Scott Everest
Lauren Hill
Dan Romeo
Andrew Shipman Any Questions?
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