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SPSLT Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage SPSLT

Chau Wing In

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of SPSLT Cloud Storage

Wendy Chau Use of Cloud Storage Where is the cloud? Store things in the Internet. More Storage Space? - Use this link: http://db.tt/fsp0oNVq
- $$$ Upgrade to premium account
- Complete the "missions" What can we do with
Google Drive? Dropbox No more thumb drive. D:\
H:\ Get your files everywhere. First Installation http://db.tt/fsp0oNVq Search "Dropbox" or Register an account Installation for other devices - Desktop computer
- Tablet computer
- SmartPhone Synchronize files across devices More Applications Install Dropbox on your notebook computer Download and run the installation program.
Choose "Advanced" setup type.
Set the Dropbox folder in your D Drive. Putting files in the Dropbox folder Use the Dropbox folder like any thumb drives. Synchronization is done automatically when Internet connection is available. Sending a file Sharing a folder Losing your phone is like losing your thumb drive.
Turn on Passcode to protect data. 5GB 7GB 5GB wchauwingin@gmail.com Create and edit a document online Collaborate on the web 1. Click "share link"
2. Get the link from the browser.

Anyone who receive the link can download the file.
Still, only you can edit the file. (e.g. making change to a Word document.) 1. Click "share this folder"
2. Type in the email address of the person you want to share the folder with.

The invited people have full access to the shared folder. He can create, edit and delete files in the folder. 500MB more! 1. Click "create" in the google drive website.
2. Select the desired document type. The web-based office app is very similar as Microsoft Office. You can edit the the document as usual. All changes are automatically saved at once. Click "share" Set his access right. Click "Share and save" Enter the Gmail address of your partner. You can edit the same document together. View your files at home
and everywhere! Other cloud drives A simple and powerful cloud drive. Edit a Google Document by Offline Software Google document cannot be directly opened and edited by Microsoft Office. Convert the Google Doc into common file type for offline editing. After editing, convert the file to Google Doc format.
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