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MYP Transition Evening

Transition from Grade 8 into 9 information evening

stuart donnelly

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of MYP Transition Evening

IBMYP Transition Evening
Grades 8 into 9 Language A Language B Humanities Science The Arts Physical Education Design The Personal Project Language A is considered to be the student's best language.


At ISHCMC students who have two strong languages can study two language A subjects. English
Mother Tongue English B
Arranged in phases from 1 to 6

Students pass between phases with the long term aim of achieving bilingualism

When a student is in phase 6 they are assessed for their suitability to join the English Language and Literature course Mother Tongue
Working with a tutor appointed by the student's family, students can follow a programme which allows them to study Language B English and still receive the IBMYP Certificate. Geography
History Physics
Biology Music
Visual Arts
Drama Maths
The Record of Achievement and IBMYP Certificate

The Next Chapter... An extended project in which students apply the skills they have learnt in all their subjects to produce a product which is meaningful to them. Awarded to all students who participate in Grade 10. This certificate lists the final moderated grades of all the IBMYP subjects they have studied in Grade 10. Awarded to students able to meet the following criteria:
gained at least two in each subject
gained at least a three in the Personal Project
gained a total of at least 36 from the 8 subject areas
participated in the programme for at least two years
participated in the community and service programme Tonight...
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