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United Kingdom

No description

Miriam Tyson

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of United Kingdom

The United Kingdom
Buford, Georgia
United States
Let's start here and take a trip to the United Kingdom. So...let's hop on a plane (or pretend to at least) and fly across the Atlantic Ocean to the UK. Here we go...
United Kingdom
Let's learn about the location, climate, and natural resources of UK.
Atlantic Ocean
Location of UK
It is a country of islands made up of Great Britan, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Whales.
It is an island that has many ports and harbors and dominates in world trade.
London's airport called Heathrow Airport is one of
the busiest airport in the world.
Location has helped the UK become an international banking and insurance center.
Because the UK is an island and near many countries, that has helped it become a world leader in trade.
Climate in the UK
Most of UK has a mild and wet climate with lots of rain year round.
The highlands of Scotland is the wettest.
Well...it's a country that is far north. So if it's a country that is north and should be cold...but it's not...how come it's not?
Because warm waters and wind from the Gulf of Mexico affect the climate.
Snowfalls are not very deep and usually occur in the mountains.
Winters are mild and wet...but why? Why is it unusual for the climate to be so mild?
The Gulf Stream moves warm water along the coast of North America and when it crosses the Atlantic it warms areas in UK...making the climate mild making it really good for farming.
Natural Resources of the UK
These resources formed the backbone of auto production, steel manufacturing, and shipbuilding.
Manufacturing is declining because industry is changing and fuels are not as clean.
People used to have jobs in manufacturing but now they are being retrained for service industries like...
25% of the country has arable land
natural gas
iron ore
health care
80% of people work in service industries....
Over 1/2 of the land is used for farms
Take a quick tour of the UK
Your Assignment
CRCT Book pgs. 118-119

Warm Up

What is the trend for gas
reserves from 2000 to 2010?
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