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No description

Kirsten Meadway

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of FrostBite

Frostbite had two different genres, Fantasy and Romance. Fantasy books typically involve mystical creatures or made up ones, for instance vampires, wolves, an dhampirs. Romance books have to do with characters being or falling in love.
Richelle Mead
Richelle Mead is a bestselling fantasy writer. She is known for The Vampire Academy Series and The Bloodlines. Richelle is from Michigan born in 1976. She attended University if Michigan and Western Michigan State.
Her biggest accomplishment was The Vampire Academy Series. It has won many awards and is at the top of the fantasy selling novels.
It seems like Rose Hathaway can never get a break. No matter how many lives she has already saved and will save. But some how the problem always comes back to Strigoi. When a pack of Strigoi attack a Moroi safe house, the academy goes on alert. So, instead of doing the normal Christmas trip. The school is heading to the Mountains to hit the slopes. Except some of the academy kids go hunting for the Strigoi, and it's up to Rose and Christian to save the day.
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