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saving water - PBL project

No description

Kayla Heravi

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of saving water - PBL project

How to conserve water

have you noticed?
have you noticed that the water in the earth is limited? Have you seen the water in the faucet drip? Well its your time to take a stand and save the world but, you dont need to build a school to help the earth all you need is just a small few changes in your home and together we can make a
ways to save
1: Take shorter showers
2: put more clothes in a load of laundry
3: turn water off when brushing your teeth
4: use a dishwasher for full loads
5: fill half of your bathtub instead of all the way.
just a reminder
about 70% of our earth is salt water and
about 3% is fresh water
if your family changes a bit at a time we can all
save the earth together even if its just taking shorter showers and turning the water off when brushing your teeth
always remember that water IS LIMITED!!
and its a precious resource that we need to
care for. So here is a question...does your
family use water responsibly? if not, you
need to remind them that water doesn't
appear magically out of a fairies wand.
Water takes care of us in our everyday lives
so we should take care of it to

most of our fresh water is trapped in
glaciers and ice caps
emily's graphs before and after
anthony's graphs before and after
sean's graphs before and after
kayla's graphs before and after
6: fill a basin for washing dishes
7: shave with water off
8: dont leave water running when washing dishes
9: dont use your toilets as a waste basket
10: dont brush your teeth in the shower
ways to save (outdoors)
1: instead of building a private pool, just use the public pool
2: grow plants that dont need to be watered to much such as cactus.
3: start a compost pile using compost from your garden or flower beds
4: spread a layer of organic mulch around your flower beds
5: plant in the spring and fall
here's a video on how much you can save in a week if u make small changes in the outdoors and in your own home
after this video you should see how much you
can save so if you want to be helpful to the
planet all u need to do is go home and start saving
the water cycle vocabulary
: evaporation is when water is in a form of

: its when vapor is turned to a gas or liquid
: its when hail,rain,snow, or sleet falls from

the sky
humans animals and plants are using water everyday
and we can use less if we just change our daily routine
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