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Copy of The School Play by Gary Soto

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Transcript of Copy of The School Play by Gary Soto

The Donner Party
This event is one of the most spectacular tragedies in American history reveals what the 81 pioneers ate before resorting to eating each other in a desperate attempt to survive. On the menu: family pets, bones, twigs, a concoction described as "glue," strings and, eventually, human remains.

Prop (n.) - objects an actor uses in a play

The students used an old pirate hat as a prop in their play.

Background- The Donner Party

The Donner-Reed party had set out to the west, as thousands of settlers did. They left for California in 1846 in a journey that normally took four to six months. But after trying a new route, called Hastings Cutoff, rugged terrain left the group snowbound in the Sierra Nevada. They had endured months of cold and hunger.

Main Characters


Mrs. Bunnin
at school—in the classroom and on stage

Conflict Description
Character vs. character

Belinda threatens to beat up Robert if he messes up his line.

1. Does repeating his line again and again help Robert remember it?
2. Reread lines 86-98. What does Robert want to be when he grows up?
3. Summarize what happens on the day of the performance.
4. What can you infer about how the audience reacts to the play?

The School Play by Gary Soto
Smirk (v.) - to smile in an insulting way
Seeing the smirk on her son's face, Mrs. Smith suspected he was up to mischief again.
Narrative (n.) - a story

Jimmy delivers the narrative during the play.

relentless (adj) - refusing to give up
synonyms - persistent , adamant
Professional athletes are relentless during games.
The story begins at school in Mrs. Bunnin's
classroom. Robert is a sixth grader who has one line part in the play.

He is intimidated by his scene partner, Belinda , who can be tough and mean.

Rising Action
A conflict is developing between Robert and Belinda. Belinda intimidates Robert and makes him mess up his lines.

This is where the conflict gets resolved. This is the hieght of the story.

The day before the play, Robert thinks this is his lucky day-finds money and hits a fluke bunt home run.

In the play, Robert says the words, but not in the correct/right order.
Falling Action
Belinda pinches Robert instead of grinding
his head/face to the ground.
This is how the story ends.

Mrs. Bunnin tells Robert as he passes her, "Almost perfect."

Robert is satisfied with his performance.
affect (v.) - to produce a response of reaction.

How does your behavior affect your grades?
The theme is the moral that the reader should take away
as the lesson or main idea.

The theme in "The School Play"
is to ignore the bully, do your best, and not get pressured
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