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Four Major Eras: The Progression of American Parties

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Maddie Hunnicutt

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Four Major Eras: The Progression of American Parties

Era 1: Democratic Era
-This period is from the 1800s-1860
Era 2: Republican Era
-This period was from 1860-1932
Era 3: Democratic Era
Era 4: Somewhat Republican Era
Four Major Eras: The Progression of American Parties
-The Democrats won 13 out of 15 elections
-The Republicans won 14 out of 18 elections
-This period was from 1932-1968
-The democrats won 7 of 9 elections, making this a democratic era
-This period lasts from 1968- Now
-The Republicans have won 7 out of 13 elections making this era fairly even thus far between Republicans and Democrats
-Thomas Jefferson was elected into office.
-This led to the disappearance of the Federalists party
-The Whig Party arose to challenge the democrats
-They were only able to elect two, however they were the "other major party" of the era.
-Slavery becomes a major issue in the United States
-This split both major parties and due to the death of Clay and Webster the Whig Party fell apart.
-The Republican Party was formed; it drew many Whigs and anti-slavery democrats, they became popular.
-This more than likely led to the Republicans winning the next 14 of 18 elections
-The Dred Scott supreme court decision occured
-A major event preceding the civil war, and contributed to the start of it
-President Abraham Lincoln was elected
-Due to Lincoln's election the Republican Party became the only party in American history to jump from third-party to major party status
-The civil war began in 1861
-This crippled the democratic party, they were only able to survive through the "solid south" after reconstruction
-Republican candidate, who supported the gold standard, William McKinley wins the presidential election
-This drew a response from a broader range of the electorate for the republican party
-This secured the Republican Party's role as "dominant party" for a while
-In 1892 was the election of William Howard Taft
-Support of republicans became divided between Taft and Roosevelt
-This resulted in a democrat being able to secure the presidency
-William Jennings Bryan lost the presidential election
- However, he helped push the nation's party politics back towards the economic arena, and away from the divisions of sectionalism
-The depression is happening
-The Depression brings about a shift in the perception of the role of the government in society and a return of the Democrats to power.
-Since 1968, neither Republicans nor democrats has consistently held the presidency
-Congress has often been controlled by the opposing party
-President Franklin D Roosevelt is elected
-Roosevelt developed economic and social welfare programs that helped the economy and won a wider array of support (keeping him president)
-Democrats try to protect African Americans from discrimination at worksites and polls
-This leads to increased support for the democratic party, keeping them in office
-many former dixicrats chose to support Eishenhower and marked the decline of the Southern Democratic Party
-fall of one party south
-US supreme court
upheld use of
to desegregate schools
-a huge milestone for
steps towards racial equality
-unclear winner in presidential
-proved that electoral vote
more important than popular vote
-the 9/11 terrorist attack
on the
world trade center
-beginning of heightened national
security and war on terror
-President Barack Obama is
elected president
-First African-American president;
opened doors for all races
genders to run for president
Maddie Hunnicutt
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