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Sae-A Silver Town

Group 4

Sejin Jung

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Sae-A Silver Town

Sae-A Silver Town Group 4 Why
"Silver Town"? "SWOT Analysis" Silver Industry in Japan Thank You! Dongmyung Kim
Sungsoo Lee
Ahra Ko
Jinkyung Kim
Yuri Jung
Sehjin Jung Contents: Introduction:
Why Silver Town?
Silver Industry in Korea
Silver Industry in Japan
SWOT Analysis
Sae-A Silver Town
Retirement Pension Package
Globalization of Sae-A Silver Town Sae-A Silver Town,
Spreading to the World Silver Town in China Why China? Growing number of elderly Lack of facilities for elderly FTA between Korea and China
Silver industry recognized as top 10 promising businesses
Chinese government’s 5-year economic development plan: Enlarged funding for institutions for the aged throughout the country
Market growth in silver industry including silver towns, supplements, medical equipment, and services targeting is expected A strong family-dependent tendency
Unstable global economy Strengths Weaknesses Threats Opportunities By 2050, elderly population in Korea will be the highest in the world Health
Alienation and isolation
Lack of welfare facilities for elderly Problems in Elderly Society Silver Industry
in Korea Sae-A Silver Town Location Silver Town! 1. Name of the Place: Ha-nam
2. Location: Seoul (Bottom-right)
3. Area:
Building site: 226,575m
Building: 160,092m
4. Reason for selection:
Various convenient facilities located nearby
Medical facilities : 3 general hospitals in total
Convenient facilities : Major supermarket, community center, church
Tour site : Rowling park, tracking course, historical sites, Han River park.
Etc. : Termination of greenbelt in 2015, land development Composition of Generation 1. Need to expand capital market size
2. Need to reflect aging trend when establishing housing policy
3. Need to modify policies and financial instruments
4. Need institutional support to protect low-income elderly How to improve Korean Silver Industry Stable financial structure
Stability of corporate governance
Procuring and cultivating talented personnel

Limitations in corporate profit structure
Vulnerability at Enterprise Risk Management
Shortage of high-tech staffing Increasing investment in Silver Industry
A super aged-society
Welfare facilities for elderly in Korea: 389; Elderly residing: 17,000 Market breadth of Silver industry Annual average growth rate of Silver Industry (2010~2020) Anxious young adults(30-40s) in need of stable insurance package
Increasing number of companies adopting retirement pension package Need to Develop Retirement Pension Package Increase in number of companies registered to retirement pension (Currently 147,000 companies)
Increasing number of independent businessmen are registering for stable later life Retirement Pension Market Retirement Pension Package Currently reserved retirement pension savings amount: ~52 trillion
Prospected amount of reserved retirement pension savings by 2013: 70 trillion
Number of registered members by 2013: 400,000 Retirement Pension Trend Financial Instrument for Sae-A Silver Town Necessary to develop retirement pension package reducing monthly living expenses
Need collaboration with insurance company to develop an active marketing strategy Introduction to Retirement Pension Package Aging Society Aged Society Super Aged Society Silver population will reach 400 million by 2050
2010: Population over age 60- 170 million, 13.26% of the global population Weekend farm
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