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Energy Conservation Discount Energy Efficient Home Program (Energy Star Program)

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sade smith-tillman

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Energy Conservation Discount Energy Efficient Home Program (Energy Star Program)

Energy Conservation Discount
Energy Efficient Home Program(Energy Star Program) If you are planning to build or buy a new home the energy efficient home program is a great option! An Energy Efficient home saves you money, provides greater comfort and helps protect the environment by using less energy. Energy Efficient Homes are: At least 15 percent more energy-efficient than standard homes
Meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards.
The ONLY new homes that receive a 5 percent monthly energy discount from Progress Energy for the lifetime of the home. $AVINGS!!! The savings add up$$$

The energy you’ll save when you invest in an energy-efficient Home will actually pay you back month over month.

The total cost of home ownership each month includes not only your mortgage, but also the cost of utilities and home maintenance. With the Energy Efficient Home Program, the total cost of home ownership could go down by hundreds of dollars every year. For example:

When you add $1,500 for energy-efficiency upgrades to the cost of a $200,000 home:

The mortgage goes up by just $9 a month. (With a fixed 30-year, 6% mortgage.)
Monthly utility bills could come down by as much as $31 per month.
This adds up to a net savings of $22 a month, or $264 a year. And that's before the 5 percent monthly energy discount! The Energy Efficient Home program includes a variety of energy-saving features such as:
Energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment
Tight construction
Effective insulation
Sealed air ducts
Energy-efficient windows
Third-party verification: All homes must be certified as ENERGY STAR by an independent Home Energy rater (HERS rater) Benefits Energy Efficient Home Program
(Energy Star Program) Also known as... Lets discuss... Why does Progress Energy offer this program?
The primary objective of this program is to reduce the system seasonal peak and reduce the consumption of electricity by new homes. This residential new construction program is designed to encourage builders and developers to construct new homes that meet U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR®, or higher, energy-efficiency standards. Refer to the Home Advantage Q&A document for more information to address customer questions/concerns.
Information also available from the PE Web site, Home Advantage page. Next... Energy Conservation Discount In order to qualify for the Energy Conservation Discount a home must be tested by an independent rater and must meet the Department of Energy, Energy Star criteria and receive an Energy Star certificate. Work Process Finished Mail certificate to:
Progress Energy Carolinas
Attn: Shanda Bowditch
Progress Energy
PO Box 1981 TPP 8
Raleigh,NC 27602 Or fax certificate to (919)546-7381 Purchase an Energy Star certified home Request a copy of the Energy Star certificate from the builder or home energy rater Q&A
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