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Cell Analogy: Airport

No description

Peter Abanto

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy: Airport

The chloroplasts of an airport could be the windmills (or any type of generator) because they both convert different energy into electricity
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane manages what enters and leaves a cell while the fences dictate what can come in and out of the airport's territory
Since DNA acts as a blueprint for all organisms, the actual blueprint for the airport can be considered DNA. They can both be considered the building blocks of the structure
The nucleus acts as the control center for the cell just like how the flight tower directs important affairs in an airport.
Nuclear Membrane
The nuclear membrane is represented by the tower security because it manages what enters the nucleus
Cell Analogy: Airport
Peter Abanto Period 3 2/18/14
Cell Wall

The cell wall protects the cell from unwanted substances entering it while the security guards and technology prevent potentially dangerous objects from entering
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Golgi Bodies
The golgi bodies can be represented by the luggage loading zones because they store and send bags out of the airport just like how the actual apparatus sends proteins away
Chromosomes can be represented by a boarding ticket since they both carry a person's personal information
Proteins can be considered luggage because they are brought into the airport by people, are moved through the reticulum, and are sent from the cell by the golgi body
An airport map can be considered RNA because it is very similar to its blueprint counterpart (DNA). It guides the people around so that they can drop off their luggage (proteins) at the right spot.
Garbage cans represent the lysosomes because it collects waste from other parts inside the airport
The foodcourt of an airport can represent a vacuole because it also stores food, water, and disposes of the waste created
The nucleolus can be represented by the air traffic controllers since they regulate the activities in the airport within the flight tower
Power generators would represent an airport's mitochondria because it fuels and powers the entire airport
The cytoplasm holds all organelles as the airport building holds all the activites , structures, and people
The endoplasmic reticulum gathers and moves chemicals, and the conveyer belts of an airport label and move objects to different parts of the main cell/building
The ribosomes can be considered the passengers because they bring in their luggage (proteins) into the airport. Though they don't make the luggage inside the airport, they leave the luggage at a loading zone where they are distributed elsewhere
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